Where do we go from here?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

"It's the oldest story in the world. One day you're seventeen and planning for some day. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And that someday is yesterday. And this is your life..."
- Nathan Scott - One Tree Hill

This quote is one that has always stuck out to me, and right now it seems more real than ever. I may not be seventeen just yet (a few more months to go) but I'm definitely in the process of planning for 'some day'. Or I'm meant to be anyway.
Two weeks ago at college we had a HE fare, and so started the beginning of a very long, very scary yet very exiting process and journey. That of planning/deciding my future. And as the above picture suggests, I kinda have lots of questions! Such as; Do i go to uni? If so where? To do what? And probably a billion other ones that I haven't even thought of yet!
Whilst at high school, I was one of those people that was NOT going to Uni! I was completely stubborn about it, and was NOT going! I guess this was more to do with the fact that I didn't know what I wanted to do, and so didn't see the point in accumulating loads and loads of debt for no reason. Which in all honesty, is a pretty good point. But over the last few months, I've kinda been coming around to the idea of going to uni.
Since the HE fare, I've booked on to a heck of a lot of open days and ordered a lot of prospectuses; as well as booking the days in my dad's calender, so I can actually get to all the places and won't have to go alone! At times I've thought my mum's been way more exited than me, commenting when she thinks a specific course 'looks really good'. 

However, in the back of my mind will always be the murmurings of that year 11 girl, who said I don't know what I want to do so why waste all that money? Because in all honesty, I still don't know what I want to do when I 'grow up'. I know what I enjoy, and what I think I want to do at Uni (ish), but where that will lead me? Where I'll go after my 3/4 years doing a degree, that's the big question. As a Christian, someone who believes in God and who's faith is a huge part of who they are; I know that God has an epic plan for me and my life. What that is, the details of that; well that's just, another question
I guess this life is just one big adventure, one that I'm trying to embrace wholeheartedly. But I'm the kind of person who likes to have some sort of control over their situation, the little day to day stuff, the little details that make each day great don't bother me so much, what happens, happens. It's the big stuff that even if I'm not in control of, I like to have some idea where I stand. 
In reality, I guess the unknown is what scares me. Just having no idea or concept of what direction I'm heading. Yet as I said at the beginning, this whole 'Uni and future thing' completely excites me at the same time! The prospect of spending 3 or 4 years, studying something I enjoy and getting out of the town I currently live in. Exploring the world, meeting new people and having new experiences, although they send shivers down my spine also excite the hell out of me too. How that works I don't know, but that's how I feel.
The ever growing pile of prospectuses taking over my bedroom floor, is just a constant reminder that the future is coming and it's coming to stay. Doing all this research and booking onto these open days is the beginning of a new chapter, one that although slightly worries me also gives me butterflies of excitement and anticipation. If you flip to June on my calender, most of it has been taken over by University Open days; and I guess that's when the real journey starts. 
So right now, although pretty terrified I'm also pretty freaking excited! I may have so many questions, but I'm so intrigued at finding out the answers; and seeing where this life (and Jesus) takes me. 
Because as they say, 'The worlds your oyster
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6 comments on "Where do we go from here?"
  1. I have no idea what I want to do after uni, and I'm in my second year! My advise is to go with something you feel passionate about. Graphic design was my favourite subject in college, so it was only natural for me to continue with that! Don't forget that just because you have a degree in something, doesn't mean you're stuck in that area for life :) most places like any degree as it shows you have the qualities of a hard worker! Xx

  2. I went to Uni not knowing what career I wanted, but with the intent on educating myself further in a subject I felt passionate about. It's not always about the career, but it's about self-improvement too. It is also really good experience and opens up doors in the future even if your subject is not directly linked to a career, some careers just want you to have a degree so you stand out from those that don't! good luck with finding out what you want!

    ordaining serendipity

  3. I was exactly the same at your age, I really didn't have a clue what I wanted to do and right up until the very last minute in college where we were able to apply through UCAS, I was adamant I wasn't going. However, then I applied and although at the time I felt like at least I was going to have something to do, I still wasn't happy with my choice. I'm currently in my second year of university and have now found what I want to do, but I often wonder - without going and doing a course that isn't right for me, would I have found it in the first place? I would say that with the fee increase now at nine thousand pounds a year I would seriously look into what you're debating about. As quite honestly, if it was me and I wasn't 100% sure, I would put it off for now, get a full time job somewhere and just save and think, and get work experience in possible areas you might be wanting to get a career in (it would only help you further down the line anyway!) as I'm not going to lie - it is so so hard. I don't know what you're wanting to look into doing (and I hate to be putting a massive downer on this!!! - but I really wish someone had told me) whatever you do - do not take an arts course unless you are A. absolutely fantastic and know you're a cut above the rest and can get a job, or B. it's something that you're 200% sure of because the market for getting a job in anything that comes under that sector is very slim. However if you're looking into something that's always going to be in demand (i.e working in health, science, education, law etc) then you're onto a winner. But please please think about it really carefully! You're right, it is an awful lot of debt to get into, and that's just tuition - don't forget you'll have maintenance and costs to pay back and fund too. University wasn't at all like what I expected, it's like you've been cut from a string that was keeping you attached, as it is 99% you alone doing the work and researching, and 1% tuition. If you ever need someone to tell you honestly about it, do feel free to drop me an email!

    louisejoyb x

  4. I went into University not knowing what I wanted to do. Ok I had a vague idea (archaeologist or business owner and since i did business archaeologist was cut). Although at first I regretted going into business, I am so glad I did. I graduated in 2011 and am doing my MBA now. While I don't plan on sitting in an office job from 9 to 5, I want to open my own business. I'd love to do something in fashion and I've realized life is too short to not go after your dreams. People may tell you its not possible, but more motivation right? I truly believe if you work really hard towards something your passionate about (and passion is key) success will follow. xo

  5. When I was at college I had no interest in going to Uni! However, I was pretty much persuaded by my tutor that it was the right thing to do because I had the grades and a degree (Law) would be good for me. Biggest mistake ever. I just went along with it, not really sure what I wanted.

    I ended up leaving University in my second year, to be honest my life at Uni is all a bit of a blur but I wasn't myself. I was surrounded by Law-lovers, not fun peeps who wanted to talk about fashion and films. My advice to you is to take some time before you decide. I really wish I'd left college and then travelled for a few years, giving me time to think about what I really wanted to study! Now I know what I want to study but I can't afford it because of my age (I'm a lot older than you).

    My little brother is 18 and didn't go to Uni, he ended up landing a pretty good apprenticeship which was perfect for him. If you aren't sure, I say take time out. I don't want you to make the same mistake I did!



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