Monday, 24 October 2016

Autumn Streets

Jacket - Zara   Blouse - ASOS
Jeans - Topshop   Sandals - Urban Outfitters
Bag - SkinnyDip London   Sunglasses - C/O Dresslink 

I absolutely love jackets, I just have a bit abit of a thing about outer wear, although I definitely do not love the price tag that they're usually accompanied with. But when I spotted this jacket on the Zara website I just fell in love, so on a trip to Liverpool I picked it up from the store! And I'm so so soooo glad I did! 

God bless

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

All lace and ruffles

Blouse - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Primark 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Summer Photo Diary

The day I write this post it's less than 24 hours until I go back to Nottingham. Tomorrow I get in the car and head back to uni for my final year; and with that journey summer is officially over. 
I wish I could say that the last 4 months were everything I wanted them to be, and were the best time ever ever ever. Unfortunately I can't. This summer was long and tiring and challenging and hard, but there were good, happy times along the way too. 
Today I take a look back at the memories of the last 4 months; the many journeys I went on, the places I visited, the experiences I walked through. 
From Nottingham to Paris, Stoke to London, Leicester to Sorrento. From festivals to modern art galleries, hotels to strawberry picking fields, car parks to offices. From Italian mini buses with no air con to walking around the streets of south London, the euro star to a festival of 5000+ students, binge watching tv shows in bed to reading in parks. 
This summer has seen all of the above and so much more, below is a snapshot of my memories, experiences and adventures from this very long summer. A photo diary could never really sum up all that happened, I experienced or walked through, but it's a start and a great place for me to look back on all that I did.

God Bless

Monday, 10 October 2016


Denim Jacket - Vintage  Skirt - Topshop
Tshirt - Primark   Bag - Skinnydip London
Shoes - Urban Outfitters  Sunglasses - C/O Dresslink   Necklace - Primark

This outfit feels rather summery, yet was actually taken about half way through September on a 24 hour trip to Liverpool. This British weather is a law to itself, and will forever confuse and confuddle all of us Brits! 

God Bless

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Last Days of Summer

And with the end of September my four month summer officially ended. 
Overall September was a pretty full on month, so much happened and to say I was all over the place is a bit of an understatement. The month began with me finishing my four week internship at SkinnyDip London, I was home for a couple of weeks, in Liverpool for a day and a half and then headed back up to Nottingham for uni. Yeah, this month was abit cray.  
As usual I've compiled all of my Instagram snaps for a monthly round up off all of the happenings of September 2016. If you want to follow me on Instagram and see what I get up to day to day my user name is @holljc or you can click, here, to check out my profile.

Oh to be by the sea, in my favourite place /   So that's the #internlife done for another summer! Thanks so much for having me SkinnyDip London, its been fab! I've loved learning and laughing with you guys these past weeks /  My newest blog post is a wrap up of all of things that happened in August including, the Harry Potter studio tour, my London adventures and of course more yummy food! / /  Lacey and ruffley vibes over in todays newest blog post /  Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming. Oh New York
Some people are worth melting for /  Pancakes with salted caramel would be oh so wonderful right about now /  L•O•V•E /  I absolutely love the simplicity yet boldness of this triangle tattoo. So strong yet so simple /  If you need me I'll be buried in this beast of a 700 pager! /  I've put all of my thoughts, musings, tips and lessons about interning together in todays new blog post. Sharing all I've learnt from living that #internlife these last few summers   
Oh wow /   Loving me a good ol' pick and mix /  Got a lotta love for this @primark blouse /  See, I can be healthy sometimes! Congrats to the team Rawr the new location is incredible, and our lunch was amazingggg as always! /  Excited is an understatement /  Oh hey there Liverpool 
Lunch with a view /  See ya Liverpool, until next time /  Yahhsss girls! Inspiration for this gloomy Friday morning, and every morning /  I'm smiling on the inside, promise! Todays new outfit post features my go-to outfit from the last few months /  You would've thought after 2 years I'd not be so surprised that this actually counts as dissertation research /  Morning world!
/  Still dreaming of that Bills brunch from last week /  So cute / /  Yahssss! /  Please
When lunch looks like this /  Dressing like a girl sometimes is actually quite fun /  Todays new blog post is a photo diary from our lovely trip to Liverpool last week /  In cookie dough heaven /  It's a big sleeves and red flowers sorta day /  That Kat Von D lipstick tho! Who knew I could actually look so girlie? 

So October is here and September is over, which means summer is officially over, autumn is here and I can now no longer leave the house without a coat. Think I'd better get better at dressing weather appropriately, although we all know that I've never been very good at that. 
I hope you all have great October's and the month is filled with all the goodness and fun and laughter that you need! 

God Bless