Sunday, 21 May 2017

Holly and the Sunflower?

Jacket - C/O Zaful    Blouse - Zara
Jeans - Topshop   Sandals - New Look
Sunglasses - ASOS  Bag - C/O Rose Gal 

Like a typical Brit, I am going to start this post by talking about the weather, soz! But the weather recently has been very very confusing, one day it's glorious sunshine and the next it's torrential rain for 48 hours. I find dressing weather appropriate difficult at the best of times, let alone when it's so unpredictable! But on one of the days where it seemed like the weather was going to be nice enough to cooperate, I took my outfit inspiration from the glorious sunshine we were blessed with and decided to dress like a real life walking, talking sun flower, it was rather fun to be honest! 

God bless  

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Edit #3

Inspired by one of Megan Ellaby's recent YouTube videos (here) Today's post brings back one of my old favourite type of blog posts; The Edit! 
For those of you who maybe haven't been following or reading for a long time, The Edit is a post where I bring together a selection of outfit posts based around a certain theme. In the past I've done posts surrounding Coats and Stripes, and they both went down really well! 
So, as I said, this post is inspired by one of Megan's newest YouTube videos all about statement tshirts, so today's The Edit post is all about statement tees and how I wear them.
I've never been about too much faff or fuss with my outfits, and I think that is definitely reflected in this post, but I really do love a good statement tee and seem to be living in them at the moment!   

God Bless

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Girls Rule

Tshirt - Topshop  Trousers - Zara
Boots - ASOS  Belt - Primark 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Walking, talking picnic blanket

Jacket - Zara  Tshirt - Zara
Jeans - Topshop  Shoes - H&M
Bag - C/O Rose Gal    Sunglasses - C/O Zaful 

If anything would make me feel like a walking, talking picnic blanket this blouse was definitely going to be it! 

God bless

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Summer Style Wish List

This lil' post contains some of my top summer picks from the British High Street/Online World! 
I've never done a wishlist style post before but thought I'd bring together some of the pieces that have caught my eye the most and share them with you lovely people incase any of them catch your eye too! The links to each item are below, and let me know if you end up picking any of these pieces up! I've already ordered the Topshop tee and I don't doubt that some of the other gorgeous bits will be making their way into my summer wardrobe at some point soon!  

Swim Suit  /  Dress  /  Cover Up   

God Bless