You don't need 'em

Monday, 17 February 2014
If you've read my last post then you'll know that at the moment I'm on a little mini-holiday break thing, in the Cotswold's with my parents. But this evening I thought I'd take a few minutes out and do a little haul post, to show y'all some of the lovely things I picked up today. As the title suggests, I don't really need any of this stuff per-say, but then I kinda do at the same time, you guys know where I'm coming from? I think?  
One of the first things I picked up where these lovely cut-out shoe/sandals from the Topshop sale. I tried them on with a dress and tights, but know they're gonna be great in summer or with jeans too! And getting lovely things in the sale is always a bonus too!

My first purchase of the day was this H&M skirt, I'm not 100% on whether it's leather or faux-leather, but because of the price I'm thinking it's the second of the two. I love the detailing down the sides and it's this that originally attracted me to it in the first place. 
Whilst in H&M, I also tried a few other things on and became aware of the fact that H&M sizing sucks big time! I tried something on that was size XS and something on that was a size 14, and both fitted perfectly! How that works just blows my mind!
The last two things I picked up were different kinds of tea. The first was a vanilla black tea from Whittard of Chelsea, and the second was a white tea with peach from a shop called Tiger? As soon as we walked in to, Tiger, it reminded me of a cross between Ale-Hop and Ikea; from what I could gather walking around the shop it was Danish. 
That's it guys the four things I picked up today, oh, excluding a bag of Haribo strawberries. But let me know what you think of my purchases and if you've picked up anything similar recently! Oh, and keep you eyes peeled because the skirt and shoes are likely to become regulars in my outfit posts.

Love and cuddles
God bless
10 comments on "You don't need 'em"
  1. I love those shoes and that skirt! If I can find that skirt in my local store, I'm definitely buying it. :) Have a lovely mini-break!

    Tara xo

    P.S I love following you on Pinterest, you always re-pin such awesome outfits.

  2. That skirt is a beaut! X

  3. Love love your skirt and shoes such good taste ;)

  4. I love your boots, I really want a pair! x

  5. Gorgeous new purchases!

  6. Ahh my sister recently bought those shoes and i'm loving themm try them with colour sock they look so so lovely will definately be nabbing them soon!Aha and I loove the detailing on that leather skirt its so pretty! Ah I only ever drink the bog standard tea maybe its tme to to expand my horizons! Aha lovely post doll have a lovely time away!xo

  7. You are so cute. Don't worry, I know exactly what you mean about H&M sizing. I once bought high waisted trousers in a size 8 and they were too big for me but i'm usually a size 10 for trousers. How does that work? haha

    Love the skirt and I'm a sucker for flavoured tea so will need to find a Tiger near me.

    God bless

    Ruth x


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