Goodbye Autumn

Thursday, 1 December 2016
Wowzers November was a long one! The beginning of November feels like it was absolute yonks ago, and we're now well and truly into the countdown to Christmas!!! Eekkk! 
But before all of that lets take a look back on the penultimate month of 2016. 
It was a month of many a crunchy leaf and autumnal walk, of trips and good food, of lots of uni work and of global changes. November 2016 is definitely one that will go down in the record books that's for sure. It was also a pretty quiet month over on my Instagram, as uni work, dissertation research, sleep and Harry Potter watching took precedence over posting on Insta. But as always some of my favourite parts of the month were captured on my good ol' Instagram account, if you like what you see and want to see alllllll the festive snaps then follow me on, @holljc   
Being able to drink tea and read magazines, and know that it counts as uni work/market research /  Nothing like a cutie patootie frenchie to brighten your day, thanks mum! /  Cause going out for the day means taking all the pictures of all the art /  A whole lotta dinosaurs and an orchestra too. Jurassic Park in concert you were just fab /  Autumn days /  Finally caved and cracked out the scarf and gloves, does this mean it's winter now?
Pretty much /  The arboretum is so pretty this time of year /  Today's new blog post is autumnal girlie florals to the max, although I definitely won't be going out in bare legs anytime soon /  Twister cocktails? Yes pleaseeee /  Dreaming, dreaming and more dreaming. Cause its days like today when you spend it with your head stuck in books and creating references that you have to try and remember what all the effort and stress is about /  Feeling all autumnal in todays new outfit post on the blog
To all the weirdos, the outsiders, the odd ones out... /  Before I got completely drenched in todays monsoon like rains /  This mornings new blog post features all the positive vibes in the form of this Topshop tee, hilariously perfect timing for both me and all you other stressed out uni students /  Going to miss walking to and from uni through the Arboretum /  Holding on to those good ol' autumnal days and outfits in todays new blog post! /   Recieved my first Christmas card of the year today, soooo cute! Thanks mum 

God Bless
2 comments on "Goodbye Autumn "
  1. I love posts like these, and they're nice to look back on aren't they? Lovely photos chick, I'm glad you had a good month and I hope you have an even better December! x

    Always, Alice

  2. Ah this is such a lovely post! Hope you're having a wonderful December! :)

    Layla xx


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