Honest Burgers

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Whilst in London we stayed in a hostel just down the road from Kings Cross, also just down the road was a burger restaurant called Honest Burgers, and on our first night in London town we headed in for dinner, and boy was I impressed! 
My dad jokingly calls me a burger expert, due the vast amount I've somehow managed to eat over the years, so getting to visit a new burger place is always something I enjoy! 
 Honest Burgers have a pretty cool beef burger menu, however only have one chicken and one veggie option, but for those carnivores among us there was a lot to choose from plus it seems you could probably add and take away bits to their burgers anyway! After a bit of thinking I decided upon a classic cheese burger with their chips.  
Being two fashion students we couldn't not get a cocktail either, and in the end we both went for the Botanic Garden a sweet but really refreshing drink, plus it came with adorable striped straws too! 

 I feel like this is a pretty big claim, but I'm daring to make it - this may just have been the best burger I've ever had! Yes I know, that's a really, really big statement but it was just soo good! A killer burger and bun combo, paired with some pretty scrummy chips too! 
I obviously can't sing the praises about this place enough, and I'll definitely be heading there again next time I'm in London! So if any Londoners or Southerners are reading or, if you're visiting London soon and want a good burger place to check out then I'd definitely (obvs) recommend Honest Burgers to you guys!    

God Bless
4 comments on "Honest Burgers "
  1. This looks like a great place, yum chunky chips ♥


  2. looooooooove honest burger!! my favourite burger place, and although there's only one veggie one it's still delicious! x

  3. such a cute place! food looks amazing as well

  4. I really want to try honest burger, those burger and chips look amazing!

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