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Tuesday, 1 December 2015
Woahhhh! How is it December 1st! Can someone please explain to me what's going on? Where November has gone, where 2015 has gone!
November feels like a total blur, one moment it was bonfire night and the month had just begun, and the next it's 1st December and my brain feels like it's about to explode at the thought! I really don't think that a month in 2015 has gone as fast as November did, but there we have it, done and dusted and onto the next chapter.
November was such a busy month, so full to the brim of friends, smiles, family, food, laughter, memory making and also a shed load of uni work. So as always I bring you the past month's moments, via my Instagram lens. If you like what you see and want to see more my Instagram username is; @holljc , I can guarantee that the adventures it captures in December are going to be killer! *cough cough* DISNEYWORLD *cough cough*
Sunday fluffy jumper perfection /  Channeling my inner James Bay /  What I wouldn't do for some delicious tapas on a foggy Monday /  Some inspiration for this cold and misty Tuesday morning /  You know you're on the right course when you get to spend a seminar looking at gorgeous magazines & zines. Just look at that cover! So adorable! /  Throwback Wednesday?
Back on the Wednesday doughnut day tradition /  Another day at uni, another seminar looking at wonderful, weird and wacky zines /  It may have rained lots and lots but it was worth it in the end for pretty fireworks /  Bright pink lights, free food & henna are apparently all the elements you need for a fandabedosie festival in the middle of Notts /  Loving my henna from last night, such cool shapes and patterns /  Going into Lush when they have all of their Christmas bits in was rather dangerous! But I did it! I resisted (just)
Afternoon tea with mum at Bills was just perfect /  Red lip & stripe day / Breakfast club with my faves /  Who says London ain't pretty? Eyy? / Now that is what I call one killer burger and cocktail combo! Honest Burgers you really know how to do an insane burger! / Christmassy Covent Garden you really are a Christmas lovers dream 
What happens when it rains in London? You chuck on a trench coat and a tartan scarf and hope for the best /  Cause we all know I love a good neon sign, even better when it's a kickass king lion! / Cocktails in Landann /  Can't get over how fabulous the #yellowbluepink exhibition was at the Wellcome Collection /  Thanks for a wonderful few days London, see ya next time /  Fam 

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" /  I guess I couldn't spend all day in my PJ's /  A new photo diary post went up on the blog from my adventures in London! Including the oh so gorgeous Covent Garden Christmas lights, and as always some insanely good food! /  *insert the typical instagram caption about Liberty's flowers here* /  Happy Birthday to one of my favourite people ever! One of the kindest, funniest, loveliest, most wonderful friends there is! Hope you have a fabulous day! /  It's the circle of lifeeeeeeee  
Love my uni fam /  A new post went up featuring my oh so loved hat and boots /  / 

And there is it is folks, November done and dusted. It's 11:56 as I'm writing this, on the eve of December 1st and I really cannot believe where the month and the year has gone. November was so filled with laughter, smiles and amazing amazing friends, a combination that came together to create some insane memories! So all I can say is I hope December is just as good, and filled with just as much joy for both me and you! 

God bless
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  1. lovely pics!

  2. Such cute pictures! I just followed you on Instagram.
    I can't believe it's December either, I honestly can't recall what I did in November! x

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe


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