How's that brick lane coming?

Monday, 5 October 2015

September has been the craziest old month! It started with an internship and ended with me moving back to Notts and into my new place ready for uni to start the first week of October! 
September really did feel like it was full to the brim and I was a real little busy bee, but in the end that kinda felt really nice! As always I'm bringing you a good ol' look back on my month through my Instagram lens! I'm completely obsessed with Instagram, so if you like what you see my account is, holljc or check it out here! But onto September, and that cheeky look back at all that it contained;

My new blog post is all about my rather lovely 26 hours at the sea and also includes another A* photo bomb courtesy of my dad! / /  Those are some beaut outfits! /  Lunch today at (tsp.) was so lovely! Definitely gonna be posting about it on the blog soon, because who doesn't love salted caramel rolo cupcakes? /  New hair, new hat /  My new addition to the Funko Pop family 

Today's lunch was sooo good! /  "Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat" Inspiration for the weeks to come! Bring on #internlife round 2 / /  These early morning commutes aren't half bad when the sun is shining and the sky is blue When your mum sends you cutie patootie dino cards! /  Cannot get over how much I love this The White Pepper dino bomber jacket! Beyond perfect  
#Tbt Missing these gals & the sassy bants & the perfect Tay Swizzle harmonies /  Made a cheeky little pitstop to the super cool Cross Town Doughnuts whilst exploring Soho & Oxford Circus. Scrummy doughnuts + tea = beyond perfect /  Had the most wonderful afternoon at the Lush Spa on Oxford Street! Their signature Synaesthesia treatment is absolutely incredible! Feeling so calm yet energised! Thank you for looking after me so amazingly Lush Oxford Street Team! / /  Oh Covent Garden aren't you a cutie! /  When in Covent Garden right?
I've been loving discovering new & fun places to eat recently! So ANOTHER food related insta is dedicated to ma newest blog post all about my recent trip to the amazing Cereal Killer Cafe! /  Finding really old outfit photos in the depths of my computer? Excited that I'm starting to be able to wear more layers now When you walk into a random newsagent in Soho and it turns out it's like the Mecca of independent & beautiful fashion magazines! /  #internlife Helping at an event in Shoreditch! Inspo for life!  /  Still can't get over how incredible my Franco Manca pizza was this past weekend! /  Today's new blog post contains this absolutely stunning Happiness Boutique necklace and a few other of my current favourites    

Last day of interning finished means drinks with da intern bestie! /  Such a huge thank you to Skinndip London for having me on their team these past couple of weeks! I've had such a fab time interning with you guys and can't wait to see all the gorgeous stuff you do in the future! Such a huge thank you for having me on your PR, social & marketing team these past weeks, you guys are da best! /  See ya Landann, until next time /  Totally in love with Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor's outfit, so on point! /  My new favourites /  Tonights agenda 

Today's smiles, even if I did have to go to the dentist /  Yummy smoothies with lunch? Yes pleaseeee! /  Our amazingg veggie lunch at Rawr! /  Think I may have a shoe buying problem! My new post up on the blog today is a collection of my most recent blogging bloopers. including this cracker, although it defo isn't the best of the lot! /  My penultimate dinner in Stoke before heading back to Notts! It's a good job our family is good at sharing! 
Notts round 2 here I come /  This is my "I'm attempting to be healthy" breakfast /  Today's new outfit post features two of my new favourites from Boohoo & Skinnydip London /  Less than 24 hours & we're back together / /  Scrummy pancake breakfast 
Turned out today was rather summery and warm /  Those oversized tshirt vibes 

There we have it folks September done and dusted, with so many wonderful memories and moments to look back on! I hope and pray that we all have fun and successful and laughter filled Octobers

God bless
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  1. such beautiful pictures.

  2. Your pictures are great, and that little Lilo toy is the cutest!!


  3. I always love flicking through your Instagram, great post!

    Emma at

  4. Great photos!

  5. hope you have a lovely month ahead as well

  6. Those snake print boots are incredible!


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