I hear your name in certain circles, and it always makes me smile

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Jumper - H&M  Jacket - ASOS
Necklace - C/O Happiness Boutique  Sunglasses - Primark
Jeans - Topshop  Shoes - Primark Kids

So first off we have to talk about that necklace! As soon as I got it out of it's packaging I fell in love! I'ts the kind of statement necklace that I've been looking for, for while now, and I finally found it thanks to Happiness Boutique! I can't wait to start pairing it with more of the things in my wardrobe and having fun dressing it up and down!
The other star of this post is those shoes! 
So I was looking for a pair of trainer-y type shoes from Primark to take to a festival as well as my wellies, getting them from Primark meant that if they got wrecked it didn't matter! But I was still hoping to get a pair that I could potentially wear again if I wanted! I couldn't really find anything as they pretty much had nothing for my hobbit sized feet, I normally wear 4's and even these were too big! In a last ditch attempt to find something, that I half liked I suggested to my mum we may as well check out the kids section while we were there. And what d'you know! These little beauties were sitting right there, in the right size too finally. Plus getting them from the kids section meant they were pretty cheap, which yano, is helpful! 

God bless  
16 comments on "I hear your name in certain circles, and it always makes me smile"
  1. i love it your blog! hope you're having an amazing day :)


  2. That necklace it's so pretty !


  3. Perfect:) xx

  4. Ahh, that necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I love it with the entire outfit! Honestly, I do get jealous of people who are able to shop in the kids' department. I've got feet like a giant's so I can't score gorgeous shoes from that section, ahh

    May | THE MAYDEN

  5. That necklace takes that casual look to a whole new level!

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.com

  6. I love this outfit and that necklace was amazing!

    Victoria xx thedaisyjaynes.com

  7. love your shades and jacket!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC and google+? ^__^
    Michelle | MishCheungX - UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  8. loved this post + photos!

    check out my blog + follow too?

    Jess ♡

  9. Love the necklace as well. Pairing more dressy statement necklaces with casual outfits really keeps things laid back but put together and you can never go wrong with horizontal stripes, black skinny jeans and an oversized denim jacket! Looking great!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  10. necklaces like this are the perfect accessory! They look so dope over tees like this. so cute

    Frank Vinyl: A California Fashion Blog

  11. such a cute top!

    Hannah xx
    Raspberry Kitsch | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  12. Love your denim jacket and necklaces a lot! ;)



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