Cereal Killer Cafe!!!!

Sunday, 13 September 2015
After a comment made to my mum by a family friend (cough cough thanks Kirsten) I've had the inspiration to start a new, ermm, I guess side to the blog. 
This family friend, along with many others, had started to notice a bit of a pattern between my instagram posts and my dad's FB ones - food! And lots of it. My family has always eaten well and loves trying new places and new things. After the inspiration from my mum's conversation I've decide to start creating and posting more food/restaurant based content, to let you guys know about all the lovely places I've been eating, no matter where they are. These restaurants, bars and cafes could be anywhere - London where I'm currently interning, Stoke where I'm originally from or Nottingham where I go to uni and spend the majority of the time. Plus any other places I also visit, which means that fingers crossed this new style content will be nice and varied so there's something for everyone to enjoy and maybe take some helpful hints from!
Hopefully you guys will enjoy these types of post, but let me know in the comments what you think and how you feel! I'll also still be doing my usual fashion and lifestyle posts so if food isn't your thing then don't despair! ;) They're hopefully also gonna be nice and evenly dispersed so you'll get a bit of everything each week!
Oh, and if any veggie's in the room would like a fellow veggie's opinion on things let me know, cause I can try and coerce my bestie into giving me her veggie based thoughts on the places we visit together in Notts! 

So, shall we begin?  
A couple of weeks ago I visited the legendary Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane! I'd heard so many great things about this lil' place that I just had to check it out for myself! And boy was I not disappointed! The main concept behind Cereal Killer Cafe is that they sell cereal! They have a mahoosive collection of cereals from around the world, novelty and bog standard, plus various different kinds of milk and toppings along with toast and pop tart options! They also have cereal cocktails where they combine different cereals, toppings and milks to make amazingly awesome cereal concoctions! I had the vanilla ice ice baby with magic stars on top, and it was fabb! The interior is really cool and takes you straight back to the 90's, there is also about double the seating down stairs, so don't be worried if upstairs seems packed! 

This place is an absolute novelty, yet so fun! It's definitely not somewhere to go if you're after a gourmet meal, but for something, cute and a little different it's 100% up there! I can't wait to return and try a different cereal cocktail, as it's such a cool experience! But if you don't like cereal potentially this isn't for you, but then again, they have revolutionised the whole concept, so maybe just give it try if you're in the area! 
I also vlogged the day I visited Cereal Killer Cafe, so make sure you head over to my Youtube Channel (here) if you want to see the cafe from another perspective! 

God bless
8 comments on "Cereal Killer Cafe!!!! "
  1. i went to that café about 3 months ago ! was so cool :)

    here my post about it actually:


  2. This place looks so amazing! I really want to go.

    Tara xx

  3. Food is vital & would make a wonderful spot on your blog. I've heard of cereal cafés like this but haven't had the chance to go to one. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  4. I've been wanting to go there for ages!! Look amazing…


  5. OMG that looks amazing! I went to Brick Lane not long a go and didn't know it was there- gutted! I'm going to uni in Nottingham in 2 weeks so I might see you there haha!
    Anna | aforvogue

  6. I really wanted to go there last time I was in London! Wish I had now x
    Eleanor Frances // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  7. This place looks like fun♥♥


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