Monday, 21 September 2015

A couple of weeks ago myself and a friend attended #TheBloggersMarket! Its a shopping event hosted and organised by 5 amazing UK bloggers including Carrie from Wishwishwish, Liv from What Olivia Did and Dunya from Dearest Deer. The first Bloggers Market was held at the beginning of the year in Camden, however being from the Midlands I couldn't justify going all the way down to London for just the market. 
BUT they had another one! And this time it happened to be at the end of the 5 weeks I was in London for my first internship, it actually was the day I went home, so it was a pretty great way to spend my final morning in London! 
The girls were selling some of their really beautiful old clothes for some amazing prices, plus there was make up by Benefit, hair braiding and live illustrations being done! Oh, and food from Krispy Kreme and Yo Sushi, it kinda felt like a dream come true! 
It was such a fun morning, and I picked up a gorgeous pink dress that you've already seen, and it was amazing to be able to go with my friend Jess! This is another event that I vlogged so make sure to head over to my YouTube Channel (here) to see that if you fancy! 
If the girls organise another Bloggers Market then I'll definitely be heading down, as it was so so much fun! But here's my photo diary of the morning, and all the lovely things that were going on!      

God bless
10 comments on "#TheBloggersMarket "
  1. Ah this event looked amazing - so much good stuff going on :)

    Hannah x
    Paloma in Disguise

  2. Looks like a great event! So good that you could be there♥♥

  3. This looked so lovely! You look fab in that dress as well xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

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  5. Holy shit this looked like a lot of fun!! I'm still trying to master drawing fashion figures- yours looked pretty fab though x


  6. lovely photos, wish i could've gone! x

  7. This looked awesome, wish they did more stuff like this in the Midlands!

  8. This looks like such an amazing day! I would have loved to been in London for it x
    Eleanor Frances // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  9. Those drawings are just amazing---just too cute <3 And look at the donuts---I'd have a hard time not swiping a few heh heh <3
    She Will Be


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