The time of our lives #13

Friday, 2 August 2013
It's that time of the month again, and for the billionth time this year, I'm shocked at the way time flies.
How the heck is it August, and where has this year gone? The pace this year is going blows my mind.
The second half of July has got to be one of my favourite few weeks of the year, and definitely holds some incredible memories!
My instagram lens was witness to some awesome stuff, and today I'm bringing those snaps to you! If you want to follow me on instagram then my user is 'holljc', you can click the icon to your left or here! Intagram is one of my many obsessions and i never fail to update the world if something new, fun, exciting or interesting is happening!
So here you have it my lovelies, all the adventures of the last few weeks! Many of which have been shown in more detail in posts over here on the blog, so I'll link to those too!
My Minnie Mouse birthday Balloon!/Pretty birthday cards/Cupcakes with Disney castle wrappers! Post about my birthday party, here/My friends know me so well!/This picture makes me laugh/Love these girls!  
Woop! The birthday Crafty Creatives box arrived!/Me with the words cutest and softest owl, when the animal man came to group!/We have arrived at the beach!/You can't go the beach without having an ice cream!/Love these girls/Such a wonderful day, love my friends! Post about the day, here...
So true!/Soap and Glory do the prettiest packaging! And after using this product during some of the hottest days of the year i have to conclude that it's incredible!/Quick little ootd, post here/The sunset was such a pretty shade of blue that night/Found a shell from the beach at the bottom of my bag/Throwback thursday, this was such a wonderful day! 
Did my nails a nice purply colour ready for Soul Survivor/Ready and waiting! Today is the day! Soul Survivor 2013!/Soul Survivor A has officially started!/Last day of SSA/Love this girl! Sad it's the last day of SSA, but we've had an awesome time!/This picture sums up our entire week! Drenched but still smiling!
This picture makes me laugh every time! Oh how the little moments are some of the best!/These girls make me happy! Such a brilliant week, post on my week at Soul Survivor A coming soon!/Love my best friend! Had such an amazing time at SSA, miss everyone so much already!
There you have it ladies and lumps, the last few weeks through my instagram lens! Be sure to check out the corresponding post, or keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming ones! 
Oh and make sure to follow me over in insta land for the latest updates (holljc) or over here via GFC or Bloglovin for all my latest adventures and laughs!
What have you been getting up to over the last few weeks? Do you have instagram?
Love and cuddles
God bless  
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Oh and PS! Tomorrow (Sat 3rd) me and my parents are going to Cyprus for two weeks! I've got lots of lovely posts scheduled, so make sure you follow to keep up to date with all of those too!
9 comments on "The time of our lives #13"
  1. this post is so cute! I lovee the pictures and reading about other people's lives x

  2. ah so cute as a little life insight & happy birthday x

  3. The cake cases are so cute, looks like you had the most wonderful birthday! Have a fab holiday, can't wait to see your travel snaps! x

  4. Gorgeous pics cutie!!

    Adri, Joha & Nat

  5. seems like you had a great birthday. my american family took me to disneyland in anaheim when i turned 17. it was the best birthday i ever had.

  6. Beautiful pictures <3

    -Lady N.

  7. Those cupcake wrappers are amazing!! Hope you had a lovely birthday x

  8. I'm off to Soul Survivor Week B next week, super excited, it's one of my favourite places to be!
    Nice to see you had such a great time



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