Day by day...

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Outfit - 
T-shirt - River Island
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Sunglasses - Ebay
Rings - Pia, Ale hop

Typical Daily Routine:
1.Wake up
2.Drink tea
3.Get back to bed

I wish! That really does sound perfect, but is rather far from what actually happens! 
The first time i saw this tee it just made me smile! And was so perfect for me, drinking tea is a key part of my day! As soon as I saw this tee I knew I wanted it to be mine, and clearly it now is, as my Nan got it for me for my birthday! 
The bright pink colour isn't something i'd usually go for, but adding a bit of bold colour to my pastel/monochrome wardrobe can't be a bad thing! And when I wore it a few days before these pictures were taken, my friend said she thought the colour really suited me! So it can't be all bad!
Oh and btw, my skirt wasn't really dirty! The little grey marks you can see in some of the pictures are just the way the light was shining on my skirt! Thought I'd just clear that up!  
Do you like this tee? Do you like drinking tea? What do you think of the bold pink colour? 
Love and cuddles
God bless 
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16 comments on "Day by day..."
  1. Aw that top looks really cute tucked into the skirt like that and I absolutely love your sunglasses!:)

  2. I love the t-shirt! It looks amazing with that black skirt c:

  3. Hahaha such a fab top! I adore tea... kind of addicted to it! The pink looks lovely on you too :) x

  4. Gorgeous outfit! The tee-shirt is a beautiful colour and the slogan is so true - i heart tea ;) xxx

    Sinead |

  5. really cute look (: x

  6. Fab Outfit! :) great post! Loove the glasses!!

    Lorin xox

  7. Tha tee is soo cool.


  8. I love the t-shirt, it's so cute! Lovely little fun look! xo

  9. hahaha I just love your T-shirt.. Your Nan was so nice buying it for you :)

    Mónica <3


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  11. that's my kinda top! ha even though have to say, ever since moving to a hot country I've been drinking tea a lot less - plus it's never as good abroad as it is in the uk

    ordaining serendipity

  12. Love the motif on this tee, super cute as always Holly xx


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