A long way off...

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Vest tee
Shorts - Lefties
Sunglasses - Ebay
Sandals - Monsoon
Ring - Camden Market
Bracelet - Ale Hop

I'm Back! I got back from our family holiday in Cyprus a day or two ago, and am now back to business over here on the blog!

I'd like to say welcome to the new followers who've joined us whilst I've been away, and I hope you've enjoyed the scheduled posts!

I have to apologise for this post. When I left for my holiday it was all written up, and scheduled, like my others. However one morning I ended up somehow deleting the entire post! Meaning I spent a very stressed out morning, attempting to get it sorted using an iphone and ipad! Not the easiest of things i can tell you! The post you see isn't what I wanted or intended to go up, but was the best I could do in the circumstances!

Anyway, enough of those ramblings. Today's is the first of a few holiday outfit posts, featuring one of my daytime outfits.

Cyprus was horrendously hot! Whilst we were there it was about 33 Celsius in the shade, and anyone who knows me, knows I don't do well in heat! I just get hot and sweaty and grumpy, but the pool at our apartment complex sorted me out good and proper!

I really like this outfit, as it's so simple yet the floral pattern of the shorts adds a little something extra! I'm not 100% sure where the vest tee is from, but when it comes out the wash, I'll check and update this post! 

What do you think of this outfit? What have you been up to over the last few weeks?

Love and cuddles
God bless
12 comments on "A long way off..."
  1. I thought those shorts were a skirt at first, they're so pretty! I'm jealous of that yummy heat, I now want to go on holiday STAT haha. <3

    Tara xo

  2. I love your photo's and your outfit!

  3. You look lovely and love the shorts!

  4. Fab summery outfit :D I love comfy flow-y shorts! x


  5. Really cute photos, also love the topshop top from the previous post!
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  6. you're such a cutie! love your sunnies :)

  7. Love this outfit! Perfect for a holiday :)

    Hmm maybe...

  8. Hi dear!I just found your blog and I really like your style!
    Would you like to stay in touch and follow each other?I follow you now, I follow you dear, I hope you follow me back .

  9. Cute outfit, hope you enjoyed your holiday!! x

  10. I love this outfit! It looks so cute but most importantly, it look so comfy!

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  11. love the outfit. so perfect for a relaxed summer day and the skirt looks so cute on you, dear.



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