The time of our lives #2

Friday, 1 February 2013
Hey lovely ones!
As if it's February today? Like January totally dragged, yet has gone mega quickly! Can't believe we're into the second month of 2013 already! I'm still accidentally writing 2012 instead of 2013, ooops. Anyway:
Today we're back to my instagram updates or 'time of our lives' post. I know, i know in my last one of these I said I was going to do them fortnightly, but everything got ahead of me. And well, then suddenly it was the end of the month! So here are my January instagram posts! I'm sorry it's such a long/photo heavy post, and i promise in February I will do two of these!
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New year nails/Me and my friends on new years day morning/sweeties/dinosaur origami set I had for Christmas/Need to remember this/cute little teacup/brought some soap and glory products/the lollypop necklace is back out/me ready to go out for my friends birthday meal
Me and my friends at Maddie's birthday meal/putting photos away/chocolate bird/gold nails/one of my favourite quotes, ever/must do this/they're back/a ring i made/ a necklace i made
One of my Kirstie's craft books/want to do this/sprinkles/company magazines newest issue/CHOCOLATE/listening to wicked whilst doing revision/finding the funniest pictures on my phone/love this/me
Finally got around to getting a mini year diary/my little mermaid mug/love this bookmark/my soul survivor hoody is the best/MY NEW CASTAGRAM PHONE CASE CAME! It's perf/my mock exam timetable, week of lie ins/my choccywoccydoodah hugeass chocolate bar/my hero&cape tee/my cupcake necklace
me/remember this/picked my crafty creatives box up/the box/my PJ pattern/always/listening to taylor whilst revising/purple nails/the view from the college window, i wanted to go home!
The view from my bedroom window/they're back/my wellies/monkey/must remember this/hugs/my awesome chocolate cupcake/me in the snow/Narnia has arrived!
 My most recent graze box, it has some of the best things in/finally got around to putting my bird house back up/christmas mickey and minnie/finished my first book of the year/popcorn whilst watching waterloo road/hugs
My lilac nails with models own sparkle/Sanctuary Spa body butter/Graze shortbread, it's incredible/The February issue of Nylon magazine/Downloaded Rend Collectives new album/eatting aero bubbles on my lunch break

Well there you have it my friends my instagram updates for January! I promise, for Feb I'll do two! Pinky promise! 
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Love and cuddles
God Bless
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7 comments on "The time of our lives #2"
  1. A truly beautiful collection of photographs, certainly a lot more inspirational than my own instagram!! (and now I really want a cream egg after seeing that one photo!) xx

  2. It´s really interesting to see, what everything did you do/ eat/ try :D in January :)

    keep doing posts like this :)
    have a nice day

  3. I love this idea! I got my first graze box this week was lush! I signed up thanks to your Instagram! I'm running a competition over on my blog of anyone's interested?


  4. I love the quotes! My pinterest is full of them. How cute is that tea cup!?

    The Style Rawr!

  5. I love the little lady necklace you made, so cute! You talented thing!
    Love your hair in the picture of you in the snow, so pretty xxx

  6. I love your pictures! Unfortunately i don't have instagram, so i can't follow you!
    I like your blog!! (:
    xx Zoe


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