Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Outfit - 
Jacket - Topshop
T-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - With a Newlook skirt

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing good!
This was me for my little trip to college, and back again. I needed something to cheer me up today, and after seeing Megan from the Briar Rose blog do another amazing outfit post last night (here) I knew just what would do the trick! And hey presto, I was wearing my Urban Outfitters Minnie Mouse tee. 
Why did I need cheering up today, because I had my final mock. I was meant to do it the Monday before last but because of the Oh so wonderful snow, I couldn't get there. Which meant me and about 20 others had to come in on our 'admin day' (college's way of saying a day off) for an hour and a half to do it. Oh yeah, and this mock happened to be my history one, which was the one I was worrying about the most. But never mind, it's done now! 
So yeah, that's why I needed an item of clothing that would make me smile and cheer me up. Hence the Minnie Mouse tee. As well, Disney and Micky/Minnie Mouse are some of my favourites! If you read my 'This is me' post (here) you'll know I love Disney, obsessed is pretty much the word, I think! 
But I do love this top, and it always brings a smile to my face, which is exactly what I needed after a stupid exam! I paired it with my plain and simple, staple topshop black skater skirt. I then added the belt I got with a skirt from Newlook, which I haven't featured on here yet, but plan to! Promise!
Of course, my staple topshop leather jacket then got placed over the top of everything! The weather's finally got to the point where I can wear it again, I hope! 
What do you think of my outfit? Do you like Disney?
Love and cuddles
God Bless           
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4 comments on "M-O-U-S-E"
  1. Great look! I love leather jackets, they're so versatile! :)
    That's such a cute t-shirt as well.

    Good luck with all your exams.

  2. You look fab! xo


  3. This tee is so cute, I spotted a My Little Pony tee in H&M the other day, regretting not buying it! Adorable tees always cheer me up.

    The Style Rawr!


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