Wednesday, 19 December 2012
Hey everyone! Hope you've had lovely week's so far! Today I bring you a bit of a different post. That's not at all Christmassy but never mind. It's something I've been wanting/planning to do for a while. 
A style Crush post! 
And my first one, is 'Gossip Girl'! Yep the TV show! One of my favourite programmes! This post comes now, as I thought I'd coincide it with the shows final episode, EVER! (she types sobbing) I absolutely love Gossip Girl and knowing that it's all done and finished, makes me so freaking sad. So what better way to show my love than to give it my first Style Crush post! The shows finale premiered in America on Monday evening (i watch it online) and is on tonight on ITV2 for British viewers. And it's absolutely amazing! I literally raced home from college yesterday to watch it, and i was not disappointed! The writers were amazing, and for once a show was ended in a way that the 'shippers' will be happy about. Oh yeah and after 6 series you get to find out who 'Gossip Girl' actually is! All I can say is, MIND BLOWN! Like it's one of the people you would never have thought it was! But I won't say anymore on the subject as some of you won't have seen it yet. 
Gossip girl has always been brilliant! It has everything! But one of the shows best features is the clothes! It is well and truly a style crush and has been since day 1! The clothes are just beautiful and breathtaking right up until the final moment. No two characters look the same, ever! (except Blair's minions) Everyone has there own unique style and that means every viewer has someone who's style they love! Whether it's one character or them all (in my case). 
But apart from the fashion Gossip Girl is just legendary as a show. It makes you laugh, cry and shout. And that's just in one episode! It has the ability to make you hate then fall in love with characters. It can make you cry, or laugh so much your mum comes running upstairs because she thinks you're crying. (true story) It can make you scream and yell because they making the wrong decision AGAIN! It can make you cheer because hell yes they're back together! It's just freaking epic! 
The characters are amazing because at one point you're like yay I love you and a month later you're hating their freaking guts! One moment you're a Chair shipper (Chuck and Blair) the next you're a Dair (Dan and Blair) then a bit later you're a Derena (Dan and Serena). Next moment you haven't a clue who you want to get together and you're just sitting there crossing your fingers and toes! With Gossip Girl you never quite know what's actually going on or what's gonna happen next, and it's an amazing quality! Meaning it's so unpredictable and has you on the edge of your seat to the very last minute! 
If you've never watched Gossip Girl then I totally recommend you do! It's amazing! And if you stopped watching at some point then I'd tell you to get back on the bandwagon you silly mare! Because in my opinion it's definitely gotten better as the season's have gone on. And the final season is just mega! 
But anyway, I shall leave you with a huge ass pic spam from throughout the Gossip Girl life. Of clothes, smiles, laughs, fun and some of the best moments! Just be careful if you haven't seen the final ep yet, the last three pictures are huge ass spoilers!     

If you haven't seen the final episode yet  and don't want clues to what happens, look away, close the page or scroll down (quickly) now! 

It makes me extremely sad that we're never gonna have another ep of GG. Another Gossip Girl blast, another Blair scheme, another Serena smile or another book from Dan. Oh and no more adventures/take downs from the 'Non judging breakfast club'. But it ended at the right moment, at the right time and so perfectly
Do you watch Gossip Girl? Have you seen the final episode? Who did you want to end up together? Did you like how it ended?
Goodbye Gossip Girl!
Love and cuddles 
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(PS- the pictures aren't mine, some are from the CW website, others are one's I've just found online or on tumblr!)
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  1. Hi sweet! Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    Just let me know :)

  2. Great post! I think Blake Lively is so pretty!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award for blogging, hope that's okay :) Check out my post about it for my details! xx


  3. You have no idea how much I love Gossip Girl! I watched the final episode online and loved the ending, even if it did surprise me, great blog you have



  4. I used to watch GG, I read the books first (which if you haven't read them I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you do because they are very good!) I found out how it ended and I was like what the hell?! haha

  5. I love this show!! Can't wait to get some of the boxsets in the sale xx


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