It's Christmas time in the city

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hey everyone! Hope you've had lovely weekends! Mine's been a bit hectic  or felt like it anyhow. Meaning I'm completely exhausted now, but never mind ey! It's 9 days until Christmas, and I only have to go to College 4 days next week! So yano, happy times!  
Today me and my parents made a trip to Birmingham, the Bullring and Birmingham Christmas market. Primarily to go to the Christmas Market. Originally me and my mum were gonna go on Monday after I'd finished college but she's been ill all week, so my parents decided to make it a family day out and we all went together today. We couldn't just go to the Market however, because I've got my annual 'Group' Christmas Party on Friday and hadn't got a dress. Wooops! So we popped into the Bullring to try and solve this problem. Eventually, with a visit to Topshop we did, and I'll do a post on what I wear for the Christmas party next weekend, so you can see what my dress looks like then.
Before we braved the Bullring we had lunch at 'Homemade Burger Co.'. It's a lovely restaurant, and if you're looking for somewhere to eat at the Bullring I'd definitely recommend it! It's the second time me and my mum have been there, and it's been great both times! It has something for everyone too (including my gluten free mum), which is always a plus! 
Once we'd found a dress for my Christmas party, we headed down to the German Christmas Market! It was lovely, and had so many different things to look at and taste! My advice is if you don't like or in my case hate, really crowded places. Then a, don't go the weekend before Christmas and b, try not to go at the weekend. As it was absolutely freaking packed! I can't even imagine what it was like yesterday/on a Saturday! Just thinking about it makes my head hurt! But anyway it was great, not as Christmassy as we'd expected but still great! If you live in Birmingham or somewhere near then I'd definitely recommend a visit! Especially for those Christmas lovers! So brace yourselves for a pretty and rather Christmassy picture explosion;    

The Bullring Bull turned into Rudolf! 
Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate! Or in other words heaven! 

Have you been to the Birmingham German Christmas Market? When did you go? Was it packed? Have you done a post on it? If so let me know in the comments below! Have you got any Christmas party's coming up? 
Love and cuddles
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9 comments on "It's Christmas time in the city"
  1. All looks so pretty!!
    S xx

  2. Wow that christmas market looks so amazing! Much better than our nottingham one!

    Robyn Mayday

  3. Love browsing xmas markets

  4. You look so cute, I love christmas markets! Have a great christmas


  5. Cookie cakes, mmm! I'd love to go to Birmingham, looks so cool!

  6. I LOVE the Germain market! I went last year, and it made me feel so Christmassy! The reindeer bull gave me a chuckle, I remember him being dressed in a knitted jumper last year! xx

  7. you have such a cute and lovely and friendly smile

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  8. Looks lovely.


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