Burning red..

Friday, 23 November 2012

Outfit - 
T-shirt - Camden Market
Jeans - Topshop Baxter
Cardigan - River Island 

Hey lovely ones! Its Friday! YAY! Hope your weeks have been good! Decided to pull two pretty old items out of the depths of my wardrobe today, and another not so old one that I thought I'd featured here but I don't think I actually have. Go figure for my horrendous memory.
  My t-shirt, which I had myself convinced I'd already shown you guys, but apparently not, is another Camden Market treasure! Which I think I got around this time last year. I love the design as its not something that you see everyday, and it's so iconic and simple yet beautiful. The style of it also means that you can wear it summer, winter, spring and autumn. If you wear it in winter you just have to make sure you've got some other layers on, don't want anyone freezing now do we? The only problem with it is, that its a bit see through so you have to wear something underneath. But I think I've got used to that now, its part of the ever growing club! 
I feel like I haven't worn these jeans in well, forever! I've mostly been wearing my topshop blueish leigh jeans if I've been wearing jeans recently. And to be honest I've found myself wearing skirts, shorts, playsuits and dresses a heck of a lot more than I used to. But today I pulled these out, and decided they needed wearing, no point in having them if they're just gonna stay on the hanger. They're a really great plummy red colour, that amusingly seems to change depending on where you are and what the lights like. I guess that just makes them even better! And it is nice to have a plain pair of jeans that're a different colour to the bog standard blue. They're also great for giving outfits a bit of a different or new look, simply because of the colour. The only slight issue with them is the fabric, its  quite a thick fabric, especially compared to that of my leigh jeans (here) which are seemingly a lot thinner and stretcher. But maybe that's just me? But hey, its December next week, thick winter clothes are needed! 
My cardigan is one I had for Christmas a few years ago, I did pick it before had. I loved the pattern and style, oh and the beautiful clasps (you can kinda see them on the top 3 pictures).I still do, but this is just another item that's stayed hanging in my wardrobe for probably the last year, maybe even longer. But this morning I decided to pop it on, and give it another go. And today I was reminded exactly why I loved it and yet why its stayed in my wardrobe recently. The design is gorgeous, well the whole cardigan is really. But the fabric it's made out of is a rather itchy one, and got slightly annoying by the end of the day. Oh and its a bit of an odd size, it fits under my leather jacket perfectly but is just really not the greatest thing to sit about and do work in, go figure? Even though its got its downfalls, I do think that I'm gonna try and wear it a lot more over the next few weeks and months! Plus, its the perfect colours for Christmas! 
What do you think of my jeans and cardigan? Have you got any items you haven't worn in a while? What do you think of today's (unintended) colour scheme? 
Love and cuddles
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4 comments on "Burning red.."
  1. Ah, when I ventured to Camden I saw one of these t shirts and whole heartedly regret not buying one! <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  2. That t'shirt is amazing! Should have kept an eye out for it in Camden when I was in London! Lovely outfit xx

  3. I love this cardigan... Shame u got it a couple of years ago otherwise I'd have been out and bought it! Xxx


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