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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Outfit - 
T-shirt - Soul Survivor festival
Skirt - Topshop
Cardigan - Topshop

Hey everyone! Hope you've had a lovely Tuesday! Mine's not been too bad so far. I only have a half day at college on Tuesdays which is always great! Love love love having half days, and it means I get home before half 4. Meaning I get home before it goes dark, which is always good! 
This was my outfit for college today, and probably to go out tonight as well. My skirt made another appearance today, I feel like I hadn't worn it in forever(before Saturday), so am getting my wear out of it! Its just so easy to wear, and to wear with such a range of other things. Its one of those items that you know'll never go out of fashion, simply because its so classic. Oh yeah, and I wore my lovely topshop white cardigan. I know i always wear it, but its just so easy to throw on. And unlike my Newlook cardigan from yesterday it actually fits underneath my leather jacket. So it was perf for today.
A few posts ago I mentioned about the Soul Survivor live album, and this t-shirt is one i got from the summer festival two summers ago. So not this July, but the July before, 2011 I think. Yeah, I think that's right! Summer 2011. 
But for about a year after I got it, I hardly wore it. Tbh, I think its because I didn't know how to and was also a bit daunted by the colour. I don't really wear bright bright colours like this, so it really does stand out in my wardrobe. But more recently I've started to pull it out and pop it on, and well it surprisingly goes with quite a lot of the other things I own. I'm also starting to quite fall in love with the colour of it, even if it is pretty out of character for what I normally wear. But I really do love it, and every time I wear it, it reminds me of the 5 days I spent camping with my friends and spending time with God, over the last two summers. 
Have you got a t-shirt like this? Have you got an item of clothing that is a colour that you wouldn't normally wear? Do you have any half days at work, school or college? 
Love and cuddles       
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10 comments on "I'm a survivor..."
  1. You can't beat a black skater skirt, perfect wardrobe item , looking lovely hun X

  2. I've got that cardigan too, fab for pulling on on any outfit! Love the staple black skater skirt too! x

    Have a look at my recent post if you have a sec!

  3. i love your relaxed styling girl!


  4. aww so cute - im such a fan of simple outfits with tees :) x

  5. ah you beautiful lady, I love your hair! I tried to ombre mine but it just went horribly wrong! x

  6. Great outfit, I have that skirt it is one of my favourites :) xx


  7. Love that green colour xx


  8. I love this look, tshirt and skirt! It looks adorable!



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