And you don't know how nice that is..

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Outfit - 
Shirt - New Look 
Shorts - Pull and Bear  
Cardigan - Topshop
Necklace - Camden Market

Hey all! Hope you've had a good weekend! This was me today, all blues and greens. I've got a funny feeling my shorts and cardigan are two of my most featured items on here. I seem to wear them a heck of a lot!
But my shirt is a newbie, well an oldbie really. I've had it for maybe about a year and a half. Although I haven't worn it in ages, but did wear it ALL the time when I first got it. I haven't worn it in a while for the simple reason that it's another item that just stops in a funny place on me. So if i wear it with my jeans, un-tucked it looked or seemed to look really unflattering. But again maybe that's just because I'm rather petite and on someone of a normal height it'd look fine, who knows. 
I pulled it out today and wore it with my shorts, because i love collars/shirts and couldn't resist wearing it. The cry was just too much, and i had to give in and pull it out of my wardrobe. The fabric of the shirt is a really soft and gorgeous one, which makes for a great feeling when you're wearing it. And it's floaty and lovely but isn't see-through  which is even greater, as 90% of the shirts i own are, so i have to wear a cami or vest top underneath, making them harder to style or wear.  
After Church today me and my parents; along with my aunt, uncle and 3 cousins all went to my grandparents for Sunday Lunch. As we do every Sunday, and Tuesday; although we have chips or mash on a Tuesday. Today I finally got the opportunity to burn all my old school stuff. It's something I've been wanting to do since June/July time, when I'd officially finished school, and had sorted all my crap out. The bag of stuff for burning has been at my grandparents for about 4/5 months just waiting around for a time to do it, and today was that time. 
It was such a nice feeling watching all those notes and books, simply disappear into thin air. To know they were gone and that my time at high school although finished 5 months ago, was well and truly over. It was like saying good-bye to the last pieces of high school revision and exams. It would've been nice to have done it as soon as I'd finished, but hey ho, now was the only time. It was also nice to just see all those pesky notes and revision material, linked with so much stress and anxiety go away! I just wish we'd have had some marshmallows to toast on the fire, that totally would've made the experience ten times better. But a girl can only dream. 
What do you think of my shirt? Do you have any items of clothing that seem to hang in a really odd or unflattering way? Do you like the idea of burning your old high school notes and books? Have you done it? Do you like marshmallows?
Love and cuddles
bye bye high school
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3 comments on "And you don't know how nice that is.."
  1. i love your room, it's so cutely decorated! and i like the blues and greens combo, it looks very pretty. i used to have a bunch of shirts that would only look good a certain way, too. i think it looks great on you, but after awhile i gave mine away. too much work =P

  2. cute! xo


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