Brown paper packages tied up with strings...

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great Saturday! Mine has started pretty awesomely! Why? Because this morning my order from Imogen at Miss Imogen Smith (here) came! Now I don't have a credit or debit card, so my mum (who does) ordered me a pack of Imogen's beautiful cards on Thursday evening, and they arrived this morning. Which is incredibly quick!   
Imogen's designs are so so beautiful, I couldn't recommend them enough, they're just so cute and stunning and lovely. And most other positive adjectives (my English teacher would be proud) you can think off! Imogen's blog is one of my favourites at the minute, and you all should check it out, because it might just become one of yours too! 
Through her blog I've seen many of her wonderful designs and illustrations (plus got lots of crafty inspiration), and found out about her Etsy shop and Christmas Cards. When I saw her Christmas cards on her blog I just new I had to get some! Because they're just so stunning, yet cute. So I headed over to the etsy shop, and explored. In the end I picked the pack I wanted and we ordered them. (For a rather decent price) The card I chose is called 'Christmas Tea', and shows a lovely little Christmas scene with a mouse and rabbit having tea. I ordered it in one of her packs, so got 5 of her delightful cards to send out to my friends. However it may end up being 4 to send out, as I think I'm probably going to have to keep one because I love it so much!  
As some of you might have gathered Christmas is my ALL TIME favourite time of the year! And when I saw these cards I knew they'd fit in perfectly! As they dropped through the letter box this morning, they've just made me even more exited for 'the most wonderful time of the year'!
If you're looking to buy some unique and lovely Christmas cards, then I'd really recommend checking out Imogen's Etsy shop because it really does hold some gems! Next comes some pictures of the cards and packaging; (that I really didn't want to open as it was so lovely!)    
The parcel I received this morning! I've covered my address up with a lovely little post it.
The tag with a lovely message from Imogen.
The pack of cards amazingly beautifully wrapped up! I didn't want to unwrap it, it looked so great! 
The tag with Imogen's logo, her blog URL and with the message on the back. Think I've found my new book mark! 

The beautiful Christmassy illustration.
My 5 cards! Ready for writing and sending. 
I really couldn't recommend these cards/designs enough, they're beautiful and cute. And she has multiple different Christmas designs to chose from, whether singles or packs of 5. Plus they come relatively quickly, or mine did anyway! But don't take my word for it, check out her blog and etsy store for yourself, and see what you think!
Have you got your Christmas cards yet? What do you think of these designs? Are you exited for Christmas? Do you know what you're doing yet?
Love and cuddles     
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6 comments on "Brown paper packages tied up with strings..."
  1. They are quite cute but I would never spend that amount of money on cards when most people chuck them away !!!

  2. I really love the cards and the packaging is so nice and personal :)


  3. wow that packaging is so so so sweet. I love it :) LaceyLoves x

  4. These are adorable! I might just have to get some! :)

  5. The cards are adorable and it's so nice that you support indie artists/retailers xxx


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