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Friday, 12 October 2012

Outfit -
T-shirt - Primark (atmosphere)
Jeans - Topshop
Cardigan - Topshop

Hey everyone! Feels like forever since I've done a proper outfit post. Sorry about the seemingly MIA-ness(again), hopefully it'll be no more. I've just been mega busy this week, and am now completely exhausted and so thankful for these beautiful things we call 'weekends'.
Since Tuesday, the day the whole sixth form centre of my college was closed I've been rather busy. After college on Wednesday I met up with someone from Church and we went out for muffins. (My raspberry and white chocolate was so so yummy!) Yesterday was my college's first open event of the year, where prospective students and their parents can come and look round. This changed my 8:45-3:30 day to 8:45-8! Why? Because I applied to be and become an extra. This is just my college's name for the group of students who show people around on open evenings/days. So from 5-8 I was taking maybe students to different floors and rooms, I don't think I've done that much exercise for, well, ever. My college has three floors not including the ground one, so is pretty flipping big! But me and exercise/sports don't get on too well anyway. Yesterday when I got in I was ready to collapse, I was so tired! And today well, trying to stay awake in lessons was a bit of a task, so I'm really looking forward to having a nice lie in tomorrow! Getting up at 6:30 really doesn't suit me at all!
Because of all that, trying to put outfits together and come up with something interesting to wear hasn't necessarily been at the top of my to do list, with college work starting to pile up. (two weeks until half term baby! Eeep)
But today this was my outfit of choice. It's a rather simple one, but i like it all the same. Both my jeans and cardigan are topshop, and wardrobe staples of mine! I'm thinking I might need some new jeans at some point, as I've worn the heck out of these. But topshop leigh are always brilliant and defo worth the rather stingy price tag that comes with most items from topshop. 
Although it's primark, this t-shirt is one that I love. The pattern is lovely, and paired with the peter pan collar, has such a charming look to it. The colours are just perfect, not too bright or too dull and come together just right; with the great combination of the multiple shades of pink and midnight blue. What i also love about this top is the material. A lot of the shirts, or shirt-a-like tops i have are a shear-y material that you can pretty much see straight through so have to wear a vest top underneath. But the material of this is slightly thicker which means paired with the gorgeous pattern, you can't see through it! Meaning I don't have to add extra layers underneath to make sure I'm not baring all. 
I'm such a fan of flowery patterns, which you might be able to tell from my blog. Do you have a favorite type of pattern? Have you got any items from Primark that you absolutely love? Do you like early mornings? Have you ever helped at an open event of some sort? What was your experience like?
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx  
3 comments on "You've been there you understand..."
  1. that outfit is so cute! as is your 'keep calm' poster in the background, such a lovely blog!! xx

    1. hehe, thanks! It's great, was a birthday present a few years ago! Thank you :) xxx

  2. Cute outfit, love your top!

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