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Tuesday, 9 October 2012
Today's is my first craft/DIY post. I've been meaning to do one for ages but never had the chance/opportunity or anything to actually do it about. Then today the opportunity arose. It was my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary last weekend(talked about here), whilst they were on holiday, and on Sunday is their huge shin dig at a local hotel.My Nan's one of six so we've got a lot of relatives! My Nan has sorted out all the place cards but needed a seating plan/chart, so people could easily know where they were sitting. Which is where I come in! 
Today is an admin day at college, so i had a day to myself. I love doing anything crafty and creative so volunteered to make the seating plan for her on my day off today. 
So here is my step by step, picture by picture guide to making a seating plan/chart. I used my computer to type the name's/any written parts, but you could easily write them out yourself. I 
 apologise for the quality of the pictures of my laptop screen, my camera decided to have a fit on me.    
 Step 1) Collect all the items you'll need to create your seating plan;
-Big piece of cardboard/card for the base.
-Paper/fabric/rapping paper or anything that takes your fancy to cover the base with, alternatively if it doesn't have grooves of some sort in it then you could paint it. 
-A simple plan of how you want it to look, with all the names and table numbers on.
-Extra paper for writing, printing or notes.
-Computer/laptop & printer or paper and coloured pens.
 Step 2) Only those using a computer, if not then move to step 5! 
Choose your font and font colour. Create a title for your plan, mine was; 'Peter and Elaine's Golden Wedding Anniversary meal - Seating chart'. Have this in a larger font than the rest of your text. 
Then create a table with the correct amount of spaces, either horizontal or vertical depending on your need. 
 Step 3)Write the attendees names in the boxes; in the order font and colour required. Then select all the boxes in the table, as shown.
 Step 4)Go to the top of your page, and click on the no border button in the borders tab. This will give something similar to the image below. 

 Step 5) Take your base and cover it in your selected paper/fabric. 

 Step 6)Print out all of your table names and title, plus any extras you want to add to the chart.
Step 7) Cut your title, names and extras out.
(original image for the hearts not mine)
Step 8) Once cut out, place all of your items on to the base, and figure out where you wish to put everything. Don't glue anything on until you've cut everything out and know where you're going to put each item.
Step 9) Glue all of your items on to the base, and hey presto! You've got your self a homemade, easy to make seating chart! Ready for use!
Although I have to add, because many of the people attending the meal on Sunday will be, well, older shall I say. I've got to beef out and darken the writing a bit, so it's easier to see for those with not too great eye site.
Have any of you ever made a seating plan for an event? If any of you do make one using my guide let me know! I'd love to see the finished product! What do you think of my finished chart? 
Love and Cuddles
Holl JC xxxx
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