10,000 years and then...

Monday, 15 October 2012
Hey everyone! Spicing things up a bit today with a different layout, but you'll see why when you see the number of pictures in today's post.
Yesterday was an event that everything over the last few weeks seems to have been leading up to. My Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary meal! You might have noticed a fair few posts mentioning this event and well yesterday it happened! 45 of my Grandparents nearest and dearest (my nan's one of 6) gathered to celebrate their golden anniversary. 
My dress is one that I've already featured on here, but I really love it so thought why not wear it again eyy! I absolutely love the pattern of the dress, but i also love the shape/style of it! It's aussi such a soft fabric and is so comfortable and easy to wear. It seemed perfect for the crazy day ahead. 
Me and my mum were tasked with setting up/decorating everything in the room for the meal. Which tbh we bought on ourselves as we've been playing Fred and George for pretty much the last month. Being mischievous and planning/organising lots of different things. Half of which were surprises we didn't want my Grandparents to know about. I've spent the last few weeks; laminating, sorting, sticking, printing and just generally getting up to all sorts of organisational mischief with ma mere. The big display board covered in pictures was a surprise for them, and a surprise for my Nan was that we got her Wedding dress down from the attic and had that on the side of the board too. Although my Grand-dad did have to help with that one.
Now being the organised (slightly) person i am, i realised that trying to set up wearing my heels wouldn't be the best of ideas. So i wore my black studded loafers to set up/go home and my black heels for the actual meal/event part of the day. Topshop really did get a look in with my shoes today. My black heels are a pair of timeless black heeled booties. I got them about 3 or maybe even 4 years ago, and still wear them now. (shows you how much i've grown) They're completely timeless and go with everything and anything, plus they're just the right height to give teeny tiny me a bit of extra height without meaning I can't walk properly. I love them to bits and even though they were around £60 when i first got them they're definitely worth the price tag! Topshop did themselves(and me) proud! Some shoes are the sort that last you for years and these are definitely along those lines!   
You might be able to tell from the pictures that, i took them in two different places. The top two are in my room as usual, but the second two are in my living room. It has a big white wall, big windows that let in lots of light(when its sunny) and has somewhere to put my camera that doesn't involve balancing it on a stack of about 4 books. So hopefully i'll be doing more pictures for posts from the living room from now on, but we'll have to see how it goes. My parents kinda live in there.  
Yesterday was a really really full day and i came home completely ready to relax. Which Starwars, X-Factor and Downton sort of helped with, although only sort of! Went to bed an emotional wreck after last nights Downton ep. It was absolutely lovely to see so many people there to celebrate with my Grand-parents. So many people who love them and share amazing happy memories with them. One day  i hope that i'll be able to celebrate 50 years of marriage with the person i love, just like they have. 
Below is a selection of pictures from yesterday from OOTD to snaps of the room. 

Outfit -
Dress - Urban outfitters
Black heels - Topshop
Black studded loafers- Topshop.

Me and the seating chart i made for the meal! (DIY post here)
The display board my mum and i created, filled with pictures from over the 50 years my Grandparents have been married and some from before that. And yes, on the side of the board is my Nan's wedding dress. She still has it after all these years, although she didn't know that we did. 

One of the cakes that my Nan's sister decorated, including a wedding photo.  It was also my cousin's 15th birthday, so we got him a cake too! Couldn't forget the birthday boy could we! 

My place card, i had to put all 45 of these out, in the correct places that my Nan had assigned/decided they should all sit! Had the thought of simply mixing all the piles up and putting people where ever took my fancy. But i didn't think that would be a good idea, family dramas and all that.
My change of shoes, from one Topshop pair to another.
Me and my beautiful mum!
The top table! 
Mischief managed lovelies,
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx
4 comments on "10,000 years and then..."
  1. What a lovely post! You did and amazing job! I love hosting parties for people and creating the decorations myself. I recently held a Stag and Hen party for my mum and her man and spent many a nights cutting, sticking and painting things, and was up at 6 in the morning decorating the house. Every said the decorations and homemade touches made the day perfect, I'm sure your family felt the same :D


    1. Thank you so much! :) It's all fun in the end even if it is hard work! :) xxx

  2. Hi i wanted to do something like this for my grandparents !!! Given me some great ideas I will have to think about and try out hopefully xx So did you have more than one cake too ? I follow you now too - www.imitationisthegreatestformofflattery.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yay! Glad you got some ideas from it! We didn't actually sort the cakes out, my nan/her sister did. We just got the extra chocolate cake for my cousins birthday. But its always a good idea to get more than one cake as people don't all like the same thing! I really don't like fruit cake but Victoria sponge does the job just right :) xxx


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