Where I'm laughing is where I'm home

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hey Everyone! I got back from my mega awesome holiday yesterday lunch time! Sorry i didn't post but i was absolutely dead having had less than 4 hours sleep that night and about 6 the two nights before that. So sleep/relaxation was my only option. In the end I didn't really have the opportunity/time to take pictures of my outfits for outfit posts so I'll just be show casing some of the pictures from our weekend. The picture above is the group picture from our Easter holiday, where it snowed in April! I know right  snow in April, freaking mental! I would've posted a group picture from this holiday but it hasn't gone up on facebook yet.    
I had the most amazing time, and it went way way way too quick! I just want to be back there with my uber awesome extended family; having a laugh, drinking too much tea, worshiping God, figuring things out together, talking about boys, playing cards and just giggling my way through a long weekend that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. I love my friends/extended family so much, with them all is exactly where i belong, 'where i'm laughing is where i'm home', and well with 'group' i never stop laughing or enjoying myself. No matter what happens there's always someone to talk to, someone who gives a rats ass about you and whats happening with you. There's always someone to have a laugh and go insane with. There's always someone to rant to. There's always someone who'll play cards and drink tea with you. There's always someone who'll stay up till stupid o'clock with you. There's always someone to make you smile when you want to cry. There's always someone.. And that's why its so great, no matter what the situation; big, small, silly, serious, night or day, there's always someone to hold your hand or make you grin. I hope one day that everyone will find a group of people like this, that will change their lives forever! 
Coming up is a selection of the pictures from the weekend, that only hint at the amazing time we had. Some of them are mine and others are pictures my friends took. 


 We had a bonfire with marshmallows on the last night and everything! The bottom right picture is of some of us trying to toast our marshmallows on the bonfire, and i'm on the right with the woolly hat on. 

I had the most amazing weekend! So much fun and laughter! Do you have a group of friends that you call your extended family? Have you got a group of people in your life that you know have changed you/your life forever? What did you do with your weekend?
Love and cuddles

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