Autumn days when the grass is jewelled

Thursday, 1 November 2012
Outfit - 
Coat - Henry Holland for designers at Debinhams
Shirt - Topshop
Jumper - Topshop
Skirt - TK Maxx
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Holiday

Hey all! Welcome to November! Is it actually November today? Where has the year gone? Time just goes so so fast! 
My dad had the day off work, and my mum's a teacher so we all had today free. So my family jumped in the car and went out for the day. We went to a place near Lichfield called Heart of the Country (website here). We originally thought about going to the Trafford centre or some shoppingy place but in the end I think this was pretty perfect. I'm not gonna lie, I'm still pretty waked from my weekend away. Me and next to no sleep really don't get on, so it takes me a few days to fully recover and get my energy back, when i have times when I don't get much sleep. Meaning a day pottering around a little craft village was exactly what i needed to get me out of the house without being too overwhelming or claustrophobic.
The little village is lovely and I would recommend it to anyone living or visiting the midlands area! There's a variety of lovely little shops and two different restaurants/cafes. One of which was a cute little french creperie, that do both savoury and sweet crepes. I had a ham and cheese savoury one, (the savoury batter is gluten free which is always a bonus in our family as my mum can't have gluten) and for desert, me and my dad shared a profiterole crepe, filled with chocolate sauce and ice cream. Both of which were freaking delicious! And anyone who's in the Lichfield area should definitely visit the village just for the wonderful crepes! 
The whole village has a really lovely vintage feel to it! yet wasn't overly crowded or noisy, so is great if you want a day out that won't give you a head ache. One of my favourite parts of the village is a shop that's situated in the old barn. Its a lovely gifty type shop, and well, with it being November, was filled to the brim with all manner of beautiful Christmas decorations! 
Anyone who knows me well knows that Christmas is my favourite time of year and well me and my mum are very similar with that. This meant that she ended up buying a bag full of new Christmas decorations! Which just makes me smile and start imagining where they're going to go or which part of the house they're going to adorn. Simply stepping into the shop got me so so exited! And outside was a huge ass reindeer, which is featured in the three pictures above, with a chalk board around its neck telling you how many days it is until Christmas!
My outfit today was a rather typical autumn outfit. Layers upon layers upon layers, all snuggled up! I love the collar on my topshop shirt and tried it on with my jumper a week or so ago, but didn't end up wearing it. Today i felt like wearing them together, so paired them with my blue flowery TK Maxx skirt and lolly pop necklace. Its autumn now which meant that you really do have to layer up, so my boots and big coat came out. Warmth is definitely a key factor when choosing what to wear when November arrives! 
Here are a few pictures from my adventure today, enjoy!  
The empty plate that had contained mine and my dad's shared profiterole crepe! So so yummy! It really didn't last very long. 

Christmas decorations! I'm getting freaking exited now baby! 

Have you ever been to Heart of the Country? Do you like crepes? Whats your favourite thing to have with them? What's your favourite time of the year? Are you exited for Christmas? 
Love and cuddles
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  1. Pretty photos, I really love your outfit, espeically the jumper, it looks so cosy! x


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