The time has come

Friday, 26 October 2012

 Outfit -
T-shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Hat - Newlook

Hey there everyone! Hope you're all doing good today. I know i am, why? Because today marks the last day of my first half term at college! Like, flipping heck I've made it through the first half term at this place! All I can say is where has the time gone! I feel like this half term has just flown by, last time i checked it was the second full week at college and i was just getting used to it. And well you blink, and suddenly you've done 7 weeks and its freaking October! Like wasn't it August just a few weeks ago? Apparently not.
My outfit today was a pretty simple one, i wasn't feeling too great this morning. So pulled out something i knew I'd be relatively comfortable in. Why has 'the time come'? Because, today was the first time I've worn my Newlook cream woolly hat to college. I got it with another Newlook item in a mini haul. (here) Today the temperature has freaking dropped, stupid British weather but then what did i expect its November next week. So i needed something to keep me warm, or make me look like I'm warm anyhow. And my hat was perfect, because it's cream it goes with everything, i can see it becoming a staple item of my wardrobe over the next few months. Plus i wore it today because i couldn't be bothered to try and faff around with my hair to make it look presentable. Although at one point i did end up taking it off because it was annoying me. But its such a comfortable hat and the fabric is so freaking soft! I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a winter woolly hat but doesn't want to pay topshop price.  Oh and the observant ones of you will notice that my hair's straight again today too. As I said in my last post where my hair was straight(here). Straightening my hair takes way way less time than curling does. So sometimes its the only, easiest or quickest option.  
My t-shirt is a lovely little Topshop one, that when i got it i wore the hell out of! I hardly took it off. I really like the length of it as its slightly shorter than most of my t-shirts but doesn't show most my stomach off when i reach for something. Which can be pretty annoying. I really like the 'welcome to the jungle' design on it too. And love the fact that the 'jungle' isn't normal jungly green colours but more purply marroony colours instead. Giving it that slightly wacky/different look without being all in your face. Understated wacky shall we say.
Talking of half term, there's another reason 'the time has come'. Over the last few weeks you may have heard me mention 'Group' well 'Group' is my youth group. And tomorrow we're going away. Every year we go away twice, once at the Easter holiday and once during October half term. And this one will be my 10th holiday away with group. I know right! That's like, well, a
lot! But my youth group is like my second or extended family, and i always come back from holidays wishing that i didn't have to come home. I have so much fun, its unreal! You never really stop laughing or smiling the whole weekend. But to be quite honest i really can't believe it's half term already, so it hasn't set in that we're going away tomorrow. TOMORROW! EEP! Although my room definitely knows it! I haven't properly started packing yet, hence why on some of the pictures you can see my clothes hanging on my wardrobe door. 
Where we go away to doesn't really have an internet connection and signal is horrideous at best. (Welsh valley what can i say) Which means i've had to take the executive decision to say,
'I'll be back'
We're going away from Saturday to Tuesday, so my next post will be at some point on Tuesday afternoon! But I'll be tweeting as much as I can, so follow me on there for, maybe updates, depending on the signal. And i'm gonna take my camera, and try and take some outfit pictures, as well as general ones and also stealing everyone else's. So when I come back i'll do some posts about my holiday; some fashiony and some lifestyle/what happened/what i did. But let me know in the comments what you'd like to see in my next few posts about the holiday or just in general! I'd love to hear your feedback. 
Do any of you have a group of people who you're not biologically related to yet still class as your family? How have some of you other first year sixth former's/college goers felt about your first half term? Have the last few months flown by for you? Have you got a woolly hat you think will become a wardrobe staple over the next few months?
See you soon lovelies, 
Wish Wales luck, 55 of us Stokies are on our way down there tomorrow, it's gonna need it! 
Love and cuddles
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