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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

 Outfit - 
T-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Pull and Bear
Cardigan - AWear
Mickey Mouse - Disney Land Resort Florida 

Hey everyone! Check me out 2 posts in 2 days, think my MIA-ness has gone! I've had this t-shirt for quite a while and tbh couldn't wait to show you all! I got it from Urban Outfitters when I went to London at the beginning of the year. It was in the sale section, and was down to £15 which i thought was pretty good especially for Urban Outfitters. And well if I'm being quite honest i probably would've payed full price for it. Why? Because I LOVE DISNEY! It's one of my favourite things! Especially Mickey Mouse! He's just awesome! So to find a t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on, from a high street shop was like dream come true for this Disney obsessed blogger! Even though  it's got like a million colours on it, it still goes with so many different items. I wore it for my birthday meal with my black skater skirt, and with jeans to go to Group. Its really easy to wear, and so versatile which just makes it even more perfect! 
My cardigan is just a little blue one from AWear I got ages and ages ago when my city centre still had an AWear. Its great for just throwing on top of things, to add some layers and fits underneath my leather jacket perfectly. Without sticking out at the bottom or meaning i can't move properly. Oh and my shorts, yep they're back. I did say when i first posted about them that they'd be a recurring theme, and well I've kept to that promise! They've been in two out of my last three posts (including this one) Sorry about that but, they're just great! So comfy and the colour is lovely!   
Oh and I thought I'd let Mickey make a quick appearance today, since his other half is well and truly covering my t-shirt. He's brilliant! And I'm sure the Disney store has some similar to him! 
Do you like Disney? What do you think of my t-shirt? Do you think £15 is good for a sale item from UO?
Love and Cuddles 

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6 comments on "Now Mouseketeers"
  1. wow yes 15 pounds is really good for uo sale i think :)
    and thanks soooo much for following - means a lot!! xx

  2. Loving the cardigan and the T-shirt!

  3. lovely outfit!

    X Jenny


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