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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Outfit -
T-shirt - Forever 21
Cardigan - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
New - 
Hat - Topshop 

Hey everyone! Well this was me today, kinda. My outfit is a rather simple collegy type outfit, that's really comfy/easy to wear for lessons/roaming around college. I absolutely love my t-shirt as it expresses my own personal faith yet at the same time was from Forever 21 which meant it wasn't uber expensive. Which is always a plus!
Oh and side tracking a bit, on the where i'm going to be taking my photos question, that i kinda spoke about in my last post. I have decided, i'm sticking with my bedroom. I tried taking the pictures in the living room when i got home from college at around 2 and once i'd loaded them onto the computer i saw what they actually looked like; and well, the quality and look was absolutely freaking shocking! It looked like i'd taken the pictures on an old school phone with a really dodgy camera. So i'm reverting back to taking them in the comfort of my bedroom. Where i know what to expect, and how to use my camera/lighting to my advantage. I know the pictures i currently take aren't the best quality/looking but they're 20x better than the other one's I originally took today.  
 But anyway, today's post isn't really about any of the items i was wearing today or about where i'm taking my pictures from now on. But is about the lovely little accessory sitting on the top of my head, in the last two images.
I've wanted a bowler hat for ages and ages; and seen loads of people wearing them and they always look really cute and give outfits a completely new and different look. But i never seem to be able to find one that i either like or that fits properly. They're either always a really odd shape or style or don't fit me because i've got a rather weirdly sized/shaped head. I tried one on in Topshop a few weeks before i ordered the one i've got and it didn't fit. So ordering this one online was a bit of a risk, as it could've come and not fit properly, and i'd end up taking it back and being at square one again. But hell to the yes, when it arrived on Thursday i tried it on and it fitted just right! YAY! 
The great thing about this hat is that Topshop have it in so many different colours/patterns, which means everyone can find one to fit there own personal taste and style. The official name is rather amusing and slightly off putting, (my dad's been continually teasing about it since he heard me discussing it with my mum). The 'Pork Pie Hat' does sound like it belongs in a butchers not in a clothing/fashion shop, but never mind. I've just been referring to it as a bowler hat, (people understand/know what they are without having to show them a picture). As i said you can get it in multiple colours and patterns which meant i spent a while trying to figure out which to get, and in the end i went for grey. 
However, the Topshop bowler hats are rather expensive, at around £25. I know that there are probably better or cheaper options around but most of the ones i found were from online retailers and i did't want to risk having to try to send it back if it didn't fit. As the majority of hats i try on don't and it can be a bit of a mare trying to send things back to places, that you don't have stores for locally. But if you're thinking of getting a bowler or pork pie hat, i really would suggest/advise shopping around and seeing what everyone's got, before buying. As you could find a mega awesome deal! 
I didn't wear my hat for college today, and haven't really decided what it goes with best yet. I guess that'll be something to figure out as i go along. But any suggestions about what to pair it with would be awesome and greatly appreciated  What do you think of bowler hats? Have you got one? What would be the max price you would pay for one? Have you ever taken photos somewhere and they've come out really shockingly?
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx       
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