Ruby Girl, Midnight Blue Girl..

Friday, 7 September 2012

Dress - Zara
Bag - Newlook
Necklace - Pull and Bear?

Tonight I went to a fund raising event for an AWESOME charity called; Ruby Girl. They do amazing work with young/teen girls, and did one of their courses with the girls from my youth group; including myself. And it was brilliant! The lady called Dawnie who runs the charity goes to my church and one of their apprentices Michelle, is a good friend of mine and also happens to be one of my youth leaders. Who incidentally are all only about 2-7 years older than me. There's a link to the Ruby Girl website HERE, is you want to check them out! I think you should because it's the most amazing thing, and the work they do is changing lives and has already changed lives, including my own!

I wasn't really sure what to wear to this event at all, and to be honest when I got there;there were people wearing jeans and uggs, and people wearing dresses with sky scraper heels. So I think I did okay, in picking an appropriate outfit to wear. My dress is from Zara, about two years ago. Although you'll never find one the same, as when I originally got it one of the shoulders had a full length sleeve on it. But when I got the dress home, i wasn't really too keen on the sleeve. So my nan who used to be a seam stress, altered the dress for me, and took the sleeve off, and hey presto we have the dress you see today. Its just a plain and simple; one shouldered midnight blue dress, with an attached belt with flowers on the front of it. You can't see the belt or flowers in the pictures although you can see the effect of the belt, and with the flowers you aren't missing too much really.
My bag is the bag I brought/used for my year 11 leavers prom! It was relatively cheap from Newlook, and matched my outfit this evening! I thought I'd get some more use out of it as it matched, and it's actually a really cute bag that's really roomy inside, and can fit quite a lot in it. My necklace is one I've had for quite a while, and is another I brought on holiday. It's really cute, and is a white ceramic heart with blue detailing, and two metal wings behind it. I wasn't too sure where I got it from, but am guessing that it was Pull and Bear, although that assumption could be completely wrong!
I paired this outfit with my topshop black studded loafers and my leather jacket. I literally live in my leather jacket, which matches everything, and at some point I need to get it into a post to show you! As I LOVE it to pieces! What would you have worn for a fund raiser? Have you been to any events/parties that have been hard to dress for recently?
Love and Cuddles
Holl JC xxxx

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  1. i love this post!
    so great!
    i actually love your blog as well, you have such great taste ahhh! gorgeous :)
    would you mind checking mine out please? would be an honour!
    It's fashion Damnit
    Thanks so much xxxx

  2. aww, thank you so much! This has made my morning :) Great to know people are actually reading/liking what I write and post. I've looked at your blog, and its so lovely and refereshing! I've followed! :D xxxx


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