Autumn days when the grass is jeweled

Tuesday, 1 November 2016
Well hello autumn! 
October is the month that autumn well and truly hit us this year, the leaves fell from the trees and the pumpkin spiced latte's were all over instagram! This past month saw me properly get back into the swing of uni, and into my extremely non existent timetable, there were many birthday's celebrated and lots of food eaten; but all in all October ended up being a pretty quiet month.  
As always I've put together all of the pictures and memories that my Instagram account captured throughout the month, and they're below for both me and you guys to go over and see all that happened in the last 4 weeks. If you like what you see my user name is @holljc or you can click, here
If someone would like to transport me to Calpe that would be perfect /  Paperchase just does it everytime! /  Cake and tea would be much appreciated /  Hi, I'm Holly and I'm seemingly obsessed with buying clothes with flowers on /  Still such a classic /  Yahhhss girl! Fries before exercise everytime!
Today's blog post is a look back on all of the happenings, adventures and memories of September /  Happy Birthday to @lauraewart1 the elf to my hobbit, the Sophie to my Maisie, the Jess to my Toff and obvs the Taylor to my Selena! /  Frenchie cuddles would be perfect /  5 polaroids, 20 balloons and all the cocktails later, last night was pretty fun /  Always Always Always /  Nothing like a good trip to Annie's with my apple friends   
Today's new blog post features this rather summery outfit from my trip to Liverpool last month / /  Todays new blog post is a photo diary look back on all of my favourite memories and adventures from my 4 month summer including Sorrento, London, Paris and everywhere in between / /  My most recent blog post is a summer photo diary. I loved being able to look back on and document all of my adventures and memories of the last 4 months / /    
Getting the ruffles out in today's new blog post, Primark are killing it at the moment! / /  When Paul Smith fulfils all your dino geek girl dreams and then adds the biggest price tag ever ever ever /  All the feels /  Autumn Exploring /  Lush put dinosaurs and Christmas together! So dang cute 
/  Sometimes carbs and blackberry mojitos are just totally necessary /  Autumn days when the grass is jewelled

God bless
8 comments on "Autumn days when the grass is jeweled "
  1. Some lovely photos! I love the jumper with roses on x

  2. Looks like you had a very busy month! Lovely photos as always x


  3. I can't believe it's officially November too.. Good luck at Uni this year. I always love looking through your insta feed :)

    Emma at

  4. Looks like you had a fab October chick! How cute is that Lime Yours top though?! x

    Always, Alice

  5. I love your outfit on the first photo! You look amazing!
    Sallie X

  6. i love this post! i hope you're having an amazing day :)



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