That Indian Summer, falling in love

Saturday, 17 October 2015
As I write this I'm sitting in my new living room at uni, having been back in Nottingham for nearly two weeks. That paired with the current chilly weather means that summer is officially over, so to mark the occasion and to reminisce of warmer less stressful times I've decided to create one last summer photo diary and take a look back at all the adventures and moments that were had throughout summer 2015. These include festivals, summer parties, birthdays, strawberry picking, beaches, theme parks, exhibitions, internships, explorations and much more!  

The summer began before I'd actually gone home from uni with an end of term party and one incredible festival! It was a fab way to end my first year of uni and also welcome the summer in with style! 

 My first six weeks of the summer were spent back home in Stoke (boo) We went strawberry picking and made visits to Drayton Manor park and Liverpool. 

 Next this summer came my birthday, we visited London and had an amazing time seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibition and at Sketch for afternoon tea! I also popped down to Notts for the evening to have food and drinks with my gals! 

A trip to the sea came a couple of weeks into my first internship, and it surprisingly was rather lovely and warm! 

During my 2 months interning in London I spent a lot of time exploring the city, and finding new places to eat, visit and hang out! 

The summer ended with another amazing festival, reuniting me with some of my favourite people and some interesting weather! 

So that was my summer, gosh it feels weird going through everything I've done this summer like that! It's nice to be able to document and look back on all my memories from this summer on this little corner of the internet! 

God bless
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