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Saturday, 24 October 2015
A while or so ago now I blogged about how i wanted to start talking more about food, restaurants & cafes over here on the blog, and since that post all about Cereal Killer Cafe (here) I actually haven't done another foodie/restaurantie post, but today I'm here to change that! As I spoke about in the mentioned September post I also wanted to share with you guys my pictures and thoughts about places not just in good old London, but also in the midlands where I'm from and live! 

Today's cafe is from my hometown of Stoke, well technically Newcastle under Lyme (the other one) so if you're a midlands kid or know you'll be visiting the area sometime soon this one may be for you!

RAWR juice and super food bar is a new little cafe that has just opened up in the midlands, it is completely veggie and 90% vegan, as well as having a huge ass range of gluten and dairy free options which is amazing for my gluten free momma! 
I first found out about Rawr after seeing pictures of their food on a vegan friend's instagram. It looked fascinating and the food scrummy, so on the way back from a hospital trip with my mum we headed over to take a look at the little place for ourselves. And I was not disappointed!    

Rawr has the cutest interior with natural wood, bright yellow pops of colour, tin chairs, black boards, and vintage hanging lights! What is there not to love! 
They have a vast range of options for breakfast, lunch and pudding, plus more drink choices than I had the time or energy to count. There's smoothies, teas, coffee's and various wellness slammers (whatever they are) All this means you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy (even if there is no meat in sight) 

 In the end I went with a super gorgeous Very Berry smoothie that also had lime in (hello mojito tangs) and my mum had a classic pot of tea. I then went for The Falawesome sandwich featuring falafel, hummus, grated carrot and mango chutney. It was beyond fabulous and the two door stops of sandwiches totally conquered me! As I mentioned earlier my mum's gluten free, so she had a GF version of their Things Can Only Get Feta sandwich, which she said was lovely also. This is actually the only sandwich on the menu that is vegetarian, all the others are vegan! 

Anyone who has been reading this little corner of the internet for any length of time or follows me on Instagram (holljc) will know that I'm a pretty religious meat eater, I kinda have a love hate relationship with it (I love some types, hate others) but me and burgers are the very best of friends and chicken is a staple in my diet. 
But even little old meat loving me, loved RAWR and the offerings they served up. So those carnivore's reading or flicking through do not ignore this eatery simply because they do not serve what we usually expect on a menu, take a chance, you may surprise yourself and enjoy it too! 

As you can probably tell by the gorgeous pictures and my gushing words, I very much loved my trip to RAWR, and will definitely be trying to go back next time I'm at home! So if you're wanting a place for breaky, lunch, coffee or just a good smoothie or snack in the midlands then maybe RAWR is the place for you! Go over and check their website out, here

God bless 
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  1. Awesome place! you look so cute!


  2. i just love juice bars so much. wish there were more around me.


  3. I love the decor of the bar! The sandwiches look amazing :) Great little find x

    Abi | abistreetx

  4. lovely menu! & that first pic is bloomin' adorable! xo


  5. I loved this post. I'd love to eat there x

  6. This would be a perfect spot for me to go. Looks amazing xx

  7. This is my kind of place! I am going to go THIS WEEKEND. Great summary and review.

    Ashleigh xx

  8. This place looks so cute! I really like spots like this!

  9. Looks great!!!


  10. This looks incredible - from the food to the decor! The drink looks lovely - I really want something like that right now! X

    flawedfairytale || Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  11. If The Style Rawr had its own juice bar, I'm pretty sure this would be it. :O


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