Sunday, 11 January 2015
2014 has been a long long year for me. A landmark year in so many respects, full of so much change, movement and growth. The Holly that entered 2014 definitely isn't the same as the one who is leaving it. 2014 was full of trials, tests and challenges, situations that I hope I'll never have to go through anything similar again, fingers crossed I guess. I learned so much throughout the past 12 months, about life, about others, about myself, who I am and what I'm capable of. I've learnt to be brave and appreciate every day, I've learnt to enjoy myself. And I've learnt that we will, I will never have it all figured out, and that maybe one day it'll all make sense, one day we'll, I'll, figure out why things ended up the way they did or why that ended up happening, and why I've been lead to the places I have. But maybe I won't, maybe life will just carry on being the hilarious and stressful ball of mystery that it is, and things will never make sense no matter how much hindsight I have. But I know that everything that has happened this year, everything I've done, accomplished and been through, has led me to this day, has helped me become the person I am, and has helped me realise my own strength and what I can do if I just keep moving, no matter how slowly.
Now although this year has been hard in so many ways, it's also been amazinggg in so many ways, there's been so many smiles, laughs and good times, so many wonderful and insane memories. Heck, summer 2014 was definitely one to remember, Hello Disney!
In 2014 I went to America, picked strawberries, pasted my theory test, visited the Lush spa, survived Alevels and got into Uni, made it to my 18th birthday in one piece, giggled with my friends, went too way to many wedding related events in a 3 weekend stretch and moved east to start a whole new chapter of my life at uni.
In memory of the year that 2014 was I've collected some of my favourite memories together (this is one photo heavy post) as a great way to look back at all the amazing times, laughs and positive moments of the last 12 months. As always all these snaps are from my beloved instagram account ;) so make sure to head over and check that (holljc) out if you want to see what 2015 has in store for little ol' me.

 This little hobbit has definitely had her fare share of adventures in 2014. I may not have battled a dragon like Bilbo or saved middle earth like Frodo, but an adventure I have definitely had, in both positive and negative ways. I nearly gave up a few times along the road and have cried alota tears, but I've met so many incredible people along the road, I've laughed till my stomach has hurt and have dreamed and dreamed to my hearts content.
So my friends here's to 2015 and the next great adventure. Another year is at our feet and I feel like it has the possibility of being my best one yet, and I hope it'll be yours too.

God bless
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  1. You've come such a long way since I first started reading your blog Holly! You'll have such a wonderful time during your next few years at uni, looking forward to reading all about them :) good luck for 2015!

    Miss Imogen Smith

  2. Such a lovely post, congrats on getting into uni. I went to Trent, what are you going to be studying? x

    1. Also have you been to Nottingham much? If not I can let you know of some nice places to visit, things to do etc as that's where I am from :)

    2. Thanks girl! I started in Sept, so have been living in Notts since then! x

  3. How lovely is this? :) Looks like you had a great year!


  4. It certainly sounds like you had a fabulous year, and such a gorgeous photo of you at the end there too!

    Louise x

  5. Looks like you had an amazing year!


  6. Hey we both got an amazing 2014 AND our driving license ! YAY US !


  7. Nice photos! X Minale

  8. It looks like you had amazing year, congratulations on all of your achievements. lovely post x



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