Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The time of our lives

I'm writing this and it still hasn't hit me that it's actually November. Like, say what? It's November? The year is nearly coming to a close? How did that happen? 
October literally went by in a flash, it feels like it was all over and done with in about two days or something. But, no, a month has been and gone which means another Time of our lives post to see what beauties my instagram account captured throughout the month! 
October was a month of settling in, getting to know people, figuring life out, getting into my new uni course and finding myself a little more. 
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#inspo / Love my new(ish) Thumper slippers / Freshers ball / Freshers ball / #latergram freshers ball outfit / Top floor girlies 
Focusing on all things monochrome at the moment / Oversized coats are my favourtite atm / Now that is what you call a cocktail! Drinks, milkshakes and chats with Alicia are my absolute fave / #latergram / Completely in love with my Minkpink dress / My Ella Masters prints have finally been reunited on my wall at uni, surrounded by some of my favourite memories and pictures with my bestest people!
#inspo / #fotd / Cute cards make me happy / #latergram / Another night, another red lip / #latergram
Soooo in love with my white Primark duster coat / So my little beauties S,B & A are still alive! Rather impressed with myself tbh / My Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in 107 is becoming my new favourite at the moment, it's so perfect for autumn too! / Some things are just too cute to handle / #ootn / Nothing like a cheeky Wagamamas on a Saturday night

#fotd / Friday night was alota fun / Mamma bear brought me salted caramel macaroons from Laduree when she came to visit. Got around to repurchasing my Liz Earle toner today too, it''s perf / #throwbackthursday Found this oldie in my phone, can't believe freshers was only about 6 weeks ago, seems like forever! / #inspo 

There you have it everyone, my October. So here's to November, may it be filled with smiles and happiness and positive steps. 

God bless 


  1. Lovely photos! That dress is just amazing! xx


  2. Ooooh! That dress looks SO lovely on you. :)

    Tara x

  3. Hope you're enjoying uni, it looks like you're having a lot of fun!

    Emma at

  4. Looks like your having the best time at uni!!
    great post

  5. That dress looks beautiful on you!
    & your makeup goes very well with it



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