The time of our lives

Thursday, 3 April 2014
There we have it everyone, another month all done and gone, which means another 'The Time of our Lives' post, rounding up the month via my instagram snaps. If you like what you see then make sure to head over and follow me for my daily(more like weekly) adventures, oh and buys and eats! My user is 'holljc' or you can click the insta icon to your left or here.
March has been a rather stressful and full on month, hence the lower number of posts on instagram. Hopefully that'll be a little less so in April, as within the next few weeks all of my coursework will be given in. But from the looks of the pictures below March seems to have been a month of food and hauls, which is a little bit true I guess. 
Anyway I shall leave you to my insta snaps from the month, any related blog posts/videos will also be linked for you all to check out too!      
-So yeah, somehow, I big box of Krispy Kreme's fell into our trolley
-I really shouldn't be buying things, but never mind eyyy?
-Choices choices choices
-Today was a Batman kinda day - Post, here, Youtube video, here
-Doughnuts, second box in a week, oppsy 
-Accidentally fell into Boots today, and well, came out with a few things
-This was waiting for me when I got home!
-Absolutely in love with this skirt - Post, here 
-Yesterday's tea was Dominoes for me and my mummy.
-This kind of parcel makes me very very very happy!
-I recently won a giveaway on Caroline's blog Burkatron (here), and the package came a week or so ago. 
-Ninja turtles, a notebook and another lip butter
-#ootd including my new tee from Caroline's giveaway
-#ootd - Post,here
-These two beauties were waiting for me when I got home
-#Starbucks is always mice
-You know its coming up to Easter when your Nan starts cracking out the homemade chocolate nest cakes
-#ootd - Post, here

There you have it ladies and germs, March through the eyes of my instagram feed. 
Here's to April and hopefully all the fun and hopefulness and laughs it will contain!   

God bless 

14 comments on "The time of our lives"
  1. Lovely pics - all those Krispy Kremes, yum! Love your outfits too! :)

  2. Fun pics! And Lush is great right!

    X Aurélie

  3. Wow your dinosaur tee! I love the print! Cool outfit!

  4. You honestly have the best T-shirt collection ever! Lovely post! xxx

  5. Wow amazing collection of photos! Just love your tee <3 and the Krispy Kreme doughnuts mmm! x

  6. thank you for making me really hungry from posting those krispy kremes! so tasty! xx

  7. Krispy Kremes are a dream ! I love your TMNT tee it's so retro and wearable every day. I really love seeing these posts as it's a bit more of personal likes outside of blog life :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  8. Drooling over the kripsy kremes!x

  9. love the moments. I especially like the nod to krispy kreme doughnuts

  10. I see you picked up the stay matte foundation from Boots- enjoy it! it's sooo good! xXX

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  11. The dinosaur t-shirt is soooo cute :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I've encountered yours :)

  12. the layout of your website is like va va voom! everythings sticks perfectly together!
    and i LOVE the tee in the very first pictures. Dinosaurs are the essence of my childhood.. Could you please tell me were you have bought it? Please! :)

    You've got an awesome blog, keep it going and best wishes from Germany :)


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