You can rest your head on my shoulder if you want to

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Outfit -
Shirt - Topshop  Coat - Matalan
Jeans - Topshop  Satchel - Camden Market
Shoes - Topshop (sale)

This was what I was wearing for our last day in one of the most peaceful parts of the world, meaning it also had to be relatively comfy for the drive home.
Some of you may have also noticed the new shoes I'm sporting, that I featured in my mini-haul a few posts ago. I love them, and as they have a bit of a heel on they're perfect for a short ass like me! Although they did pretty much rip my feet to shreds as this was the first time I'd worn them!

God bless  
18 comments on "You can rest your head on my shoulder if you want to"
  1. I love the print on the shirt! x

  2. Lovely look!

  3. You always look amazing love your looks

  4. Lovely outfit! I especially love your coat :) X


  5. I love the title post & the outfit xx

  6. Your coat is just perfect !

  7. I love those shoes, even if they were a bit painful! I hope you've had a fab time in the Cotswolds, I live in Stratford Upon-Avon and I think it's such a gorgeous area
    Emma xxx

  8. i absolutely love your coat! it really suits you

    from helen at

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  9. You look gorgeous Sweetie :) I really like your outfit and love the shirt <3
    Kisses from Poland :)

  10. Exactly how I do. Love fun shirts with neutral sweaters :)

  11. That's the bitter thing with new shoes - breaking them in! I always wear those sheer tight socks with loafers as if I go bear I'm guaranteed blisters in the next hour. That is a great coat, I bought a similar in black and you've definitely given me a few ideas.

    Very glad you liked the illustration :)

    Katie » Tattyboots

  12. Great outfit, it's always nice to wear something comfy for a long journey. Nice shoes too, shame about the feet ripping ;)

    The London Project

  13. Such a cute outfit!

  14. That is a lovely coat! xx

  15. This outfit is really cute! Your blog is lovely. Here is mine if you want to take a look.


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