Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lets join forces...

Outfit -
Coat - Matalan Scarf - Primark
Hat - Topshop Tshirt - Bershka
Jeans - Topshop Boots - Topshop
Rings - Primark, Shop Dixi, Topshop 

Sometimes just throwing on a few lazy favourites feels completely ok and right, and yesterday was definitely one of those days.
Along with the fact it's absolutely freezing, and yesterday it was chucking it down, I wanted as many warm and comfy layers as I could find, so red layers became the key to this one!
Oh and yes, my tshirt underneath is a Disney one! Want to see it properly? (Click here)

Love and cuddles
God bless


  1. you look really lovely in this tartan scarf, and you have perfect curls in your hair!
    Check out my latest Throwback post in Sydney! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  2. some days do just call for lazy favourites! even though this is your 'lazy day' outfit you still look polished and pulled together!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  3. love the scarf! :*

  4. Very cute!!

  5. Your so pretty! Just love this outfit especially the scarf! x x

  6. wOW YOU'RE SO PRETTY GIRL. raddest blog.

  7. Hey hey.
    You look fantastic with this coat!!
    With love, Bárbara


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