Christmas time, mistletoe and wine..

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Outfit -
Heels - Topshop

Friday evening marked my first and last Christmas party of the festive season, and oh was it one to remember!
I'd had a bit of chaos before hand; as I had something to wear, then didn't, then did and then didn't. Which sent me into a bit of a festive blogger mess, as I still needed something to wear. But I headed to the city centre, and hey presto, a few hours later, I'd found this beauty of a festive playsuit! (click either the playsuit or topshop on the outfit section above, and it'll take you straight to the page on the website) You can't really see in any of the pictures, but the back is made of all black lace and is just beautiful, so make sure you do check the link above out to see properly.
It's perfect though, and I just want to wear it all the time!
Some of you may also have noticed the other difference in these pictures. Yep, my hair! I wanted a change, so on Friday I went to the hair dressers, and had it chopped and darkened! Good bye dip dye, or tie dye, as my dad calls it!

Love and cuddles
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16 comments on "Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.."
  1. Another beautiful outfit. I love your hair it looks great suits you very well indeed :)

  2. love the playsuit and the lace detail

  3. Your hair looks so nice and healthy! Love the playsuit!

  4. I love the romper (playsuit) it reminds me of something Tanya Burr wears!

  5. Love your Playsuit! The back detailing is gorgeous x

  6. you look very pretty :)

  7. nice look! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  8. You all look lovely! That playsuit is so pretty with the back detailing too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :) xx

    The Little Things

  9. That playsuit is looks gorgeous on you!!!
    Absolute lovely colour and the back makes it soo unique, hope you had a lovely time x x

    I just did the christmas tag if you wanna do it:) x x

  10. That playsuit is stunning, at first I thought it was a cutout back (which I guess it sort of is) but the lace detail just adds that little but more! I've only been to one Christmas party so far and I majorly underdressed! It's so hard to get the perfect balance. xx

  11. I love your playsuit.. it's so pretty, the colour is lovely xx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  12. Merry Christmas ;)) ♡♡♡

  13. Oh my gosh that romper is so so so so cute, I'm obsessed! Happy Holidays :)

  14. Ahh. Cute cute cute. You're adorable! (:

  15. love the jumpsuit! :*

    merry christmas! :*


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