I guess you're in London today #2

As promised in my last post, (here) today I'm bringing you a few bucket load of snaps from mine and my mum's trip to London! Plus letting you know about a few of the things we did/places we went! 
As soon as we'd got of the train we jumped on the tube and headed to our favourite, Camden Market! It's such a treasure trove crossed with a rabbit warren of amazing gems, incredible smelling food and everything and anything in between! I'd recommend a trip to anyone, although a quick warning; last time me and my mum went to Camden, we went on a Friday and it was only half open; so try to go on a Saturday for the full experience! 
Whilst wondering around we found this cool little guy! Part of the market is in the old stables, and I just couldn't resist having a picture with this awesome guy and his mega awesome dreadlocks/plaits! 
The food stalls are one of my favourite parts of Camden, and this is a small part of the outdoor food, market, I guess you'd call it a market! They literally have every kind of food, from every corner of the globe; both sweet and savoury, and to satisfy all tastes and needs, including my gluten free mum! You can probably just see at the top left of the picture the fish and chip stall! I was so tempted, but it was a little early and we already had lunch plans! 
One of the many food stalls! I just loved the angry bird on it! 
A lovely little cafe we stopped off at for a much needed sit down! 
Me with a rather lovely cup of tea! Nothing like a good cuppa! 
Me and my mum on the bridge over looking some of the food stalls!
Me by the lock, here, for the post with all the outfit details! 
Good bye Camden, until next time! 
From Camden we headed to my other favourite London C, Covent Garden! And from their to the infamous Shake Shack! I'd heard so many things about SS, and heard so many bloggers/youtubers raving about the place, so I couldn't wait to find out if it lived up to all the hype, myself! 
I must say, I think it does! Although my mum did call it a, posh McDonalds, but it was yummy and scrummy and amazing all the same!
For those of you who don't know, this is the first, and currently the only Shake Shack in the UK! I think it's originally from America, and have a funny feeling they probably have rather a few over in the States!  

The incredible burger I had! I don't really know which it was, but all I can say is it was amazing! It's making me hungry simply typing this! 
Mine and my mum's meal! We shared the chips, and the frozen custard was for me! 
Yep that's right, they don't call it ice cream folks, they call it frozen custard! I had vanilla, with marshmallow sauce, and oh my, it was amazing! 
The chips! Seriously! They were insane, so so so so good! I can't say anything more than if you're in London/near Covent Garden then you have to go to Shake Shack! 
The infamous Laduree! I'd heard so so many amazing things about this place! 
The inside was just so pretty, and lovely; and their macaroons! Oh wow! I had vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel, and boy do I wish that I'd got more! The Salted Caramel one was to die for! 
You should defo go here too if you get the chance! 
It's right next to Shack Shack too, so yano, kill two birds with one stone! 
And this ladies and gents is the rather humongous Urban Outfitters bag we had to carry home on the tube/train! It only contained two bags, yet she seemed to give us the biggest carrier bag in the whole shop!  But it was definitely worth it, I picked two bags up in the sale! Together they should've been £85, but they ended up being £30! BARGAIN ALERT!
I'm attempting to do a London haul video, it's filmed I've just got to see if it's any good! So when/if I upload it I'll let you know and you can check my beautiful bags out!

Have you been to London recently? Been to any of the places I have? Noticed I'm a complete foodie yet?
Love and cuddles
God bless

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  1. ah this post makes me happy, London is my favourite city! x


  2. Aw can't wait to visit London one day, it looks fab!
    Sarah x

  3. Latest Fashion Uk
    I really like your post you are so sweet and beautyful.

  4. Looks wonderful, definitely one of the cities I'd like to visit the most. Love your jumper too.

  5. i want to go to london soooo badly and i want to have shake shack. haha. loved it when i was in new york.


  6. I love Camden! its my favorite place in London. beautiful pics :))

  7. Sounds like a really nice day! :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  8. That food made me hungry...yummy. It looks like you guys had a blast!


  9. Oh it sounds like such a fun trip! That Urban Outfitters bag is cute haha! Much cuter than the bags I get when I shop there :P

  10. I've never been to the Shake Shack but really want to try it!! Camden is great fun xx



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