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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Outfit - 
Playsuit - TK Maxx
Sunglasses - Ebay
Sandals - Monsoon  

These sunglasses are another pair that I got for my birthday! 
They're so cute, and I absolutely love them!
This playsuit is one that came out of hiding a couple of weeks ago, when I dug the remainder of my summer clothes out from my mums wardrobe. (Hers are built in, and much larger than mine) 
I love the colours of it, and the pattern is just so pretty! Perfect, for the summery weather!

Oh and I think I'd better update you all on what's going on over the next few weeks! 
On Friday (July 26th) I'm going to a festival called Soul Survivor, until Tuesday/Wednesday. I have lots of posts scheduled to go up whilst I'm there, but as I'll be in a field/show ground for the week I'm going to be rather absent from the Blogasphere. 
Be sure to follow me on twitter (@Holl_JC) and instagram (holljc) as i'll be posting as much as possible, and hopefully showing you guys some of the adventures and laughs i have! 
I'll then be home for 3ish days, before me and my parents head off to Cyprus for 2 weeks! I've also got lots of post scheduled for then too, so there will still be lots happening over here in Holl JC world!  

What items of clothing have you been bringing out from hiding over the last few weeks? Do you like my new sunglasses? Have you got anything exciting happening over the next few weeks?
Love and cuddles
God bless   
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13 comments on "Heart shaped whole..."
  1. Such a cute outfit! Perfect for the gorgeous weather we're having :D Sounds like you've got a fun summer planned! x


  2. Great outfit! I love the sunnies - they are so cute! And you're going to Soul Survivor?! You must be going Week A or B - I may be going Week C. Have fun, it would have been great to have seen you though! :)

    1. Yeah! I'm going to Week A in Stafford, as it's closest to where I live! Oh darn! It would've been awesome to see you! Have a great time at C! :)

  3. You look adorable :-)

  4. you look lovely - love the playsuit, so sweet and pretty for summer:) have fun at soul survivor, one of my friends is going, too. x

  5. this is such a cute and flirty outfit! you pull of the heart shaped glasses soo well :)

  6. Love your style!

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  7. Super cute sunnies! For years I've been meaning to get a playsuit/romper but I never find one that looks could on me...I think my waist is too short and squat;) You look like a doll in this one, though.

  8. Aww, love the adorable print. Have a wonderful time at your festival! <3


  9. These sunglasses - how cute! Playsuit looks lovely on you :) have fun at the festival!

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  10. The sunglasses are so cute, I love the outfit xx



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