Saw you coming...

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Outfit -
Playsuit - TK Maxx
Boots - Topshop
Necklace - I made it!
Rings - Pia, Ale Hop
Bracelet - Ale Hop

For about 10 minutes on Saturday the sun came out from it's hiding place, at which point I legged it outside to take these pictures! 
I've had this playsuit for a few weeks now, and absolutely love it! I love anything that has a shirt style, and I find denim so easy to wear, making this playsuit a huge Win in my mind. 
The detailing on the collar, pockets and legs is just so pretty and I can't wait to wear this when the sun is shining, and I don't have to wear tights and boots! 
I apologise for the very odd position of my hands in that last picture, I was trying to push my hair out the way, however it looks like it already was! 
By the time you're reading this I'll have just completed my second day at another week of work experience, this time at the local paper. Meaning, again, this week could be a quiet one on the blog! I apologise, but once this week is out the way I'm free for the whole of July to do whatever I fancy! Woop! 
Love and cuddles
God bless  
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7 comments on "Saw you coming..."
  1. Awww, such a cute little playsuit. I really like the embroidery!


  2. Aww this outfit is so cute :) You look lovely! xxx

  3. I loooove this outfit! That playsuit is too cute!

  4. hey :) oh i like your shoes, wish there was a close up ;) God bless you too!


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