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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Outfit -
Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Christmas present
Bracelet - Ale Hop

A few days ago, was one of those days when the weather is being so so annoying! It was really warm, humid and sticky yet looked like it was about to chuck it down at any moment. Which meant it was rather hard to figure out what to wear, as dressing for this type of weather really isn't my speciality! Or doing anything in that type of weather really, I just can't hack it! 
I'm more of a spring/autumn girl, and severe heat just makes me all sticky and grouchy! But never mind!   
In the end I decided on this dress from topshop, which I've seemingly had for about the last 3 or maybe even 4 years. (Don't know how it's lasted so long) The friend who I spent the afternoon with said that she really liked it, and so did my nan(?) 
I love the pattern, as it's so so pretty and the little dashes of baby pink give it such a lovely feel too! 
Do you like my dress? Have you got any items of clothing that you seem to have had for years? What's your favourite type of weather or season?
Love and cuddles
God bless
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13 comments on "All I found..."
  1. I love finding items hiding in my wardrobe. This is really cute. I must confess I love the summer! The hotter the better, I wish I lived in Cali so I could wear shorts all year round... ;)


  2. That dress is so cute!! Love your pictures! :)

  3. That dress is soooooo cute and lovely! :)

  4. Cute dress! I love the print x

  5. I can't even express how much I agree with you - I'm a fellow Autumn/Winter girl. Through and through. I think it is because I was born in October! :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. This dress is so cute and looks really stunning on you xxxx

  7. You look so gorgeous dear!
    Your Outfit is so cute :)
    Wish you a beautiful day& a nice weekend! <3

    Love, Mona

  8. Lovely look! ..X

  9. This dress is so lovely and girly, you look perfect in it :)

  10. you look really sweet in this patterned dress! love the floral prints <3

    Check out my new post featuring SUCK IS FREE label launch in Sydney! :)

  11. I know what you mean, I can't function in very hot humid weather. These pictures turned out very pretty though!


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