The time of our lives #8

Thursday, 16 May 2013
Hi lovelies!
Today I bring you the first half of my April insta updates! A few days late I know, but I've got exams so I hope you'll forgive me! 
The beginning half of this month has been so so much fun, and although I've been swamped with revision and work, plus the start of exams, I've still managed to have a pretty lovely time! 
If you want to follow me on instagram and see what I get up to on a daily basis, which after my exams should be something other than drinking tea. Then you can either click the instagram icon to your left, click here or my user name is 'holljc'! 
So here we go ladies and gents, everything big or small that's been happening in my life since the beginning of the month!
Graze brownies!/This months company was waiting for me when I got home!/Pretty evening views from my bedroom window/Calippo's in the sun at college/1 week today, and I was going to be seeing them/Funny pictures on throwbackfriday!
So many photographs!/Tea in my camper van mug to help with revision/Exited to try a chocolaty Krispy Kreme/PJ day!/Spontaneous pizza night with the best friend!/Dominoes feast!
Love my best friend, and our spontaneous pizza evening/Classic Larly and Cookie/Classic crazy pictures/Seaside here we come!/Me with my ice cream on the pier/The beach!
Picked up scrabble magnets whilst out!/Ben Howard's music is so perf!/Love these girls, such a lovely night at our lifegroup walk!/Love wearing my Camden Market ring!/White maltesers with lunch!/First use of my scrabble letters! So exited for the Rend Collective gig! 
My outfit for the Rend Collective gig!/On the way to the gig, love my best friend!/We arrived!/Such an awesome evening!/Regram of all the awesome people I went to the gig with!/It may have been raining but it kinda made the view out of my bedroom window look really peaceful, made even more pretty by the sound of the birds tweeting!
Chocolate!/Fancy dress party here I come!/Simba for my fancy dress party/Simba, Mickey and Minnie/Me as Simba!/Love this girl!
So yummy!/Love this! So relevant/The sky looks really pretty even if it is raining/This months crafty creatives box came!/The stunning art card from this months crafty creatives box! It's so beautiful!/Finding a random pack of mini skittles!
A big mug of tea to start the day, in my hand decorated Emma Bridgewater mug!/Love my cupcake candle/Ready to go out! Wearing my favourite topshop shirt!

So there you have it! The first part of my March! You may be able to tell from the sheer amount of pictures that has accumulated in just over 15 days that I'm pretty flipping obsessed with instagram! It's definitely a firm favourite of mine on the social network ladder, and perfect entertainment for the bus journey to college! I'm that in love that a few weeks ago my friends complained about the amount of pictures I like (or double tap)! Ooops! I'm trying to restrain myself but I don't think it's working! Oh well, never mind! 
If you do want to see what I'm getting up to and have instagram then remember to follow me over there, 'holljc' or follow me here on the little ol' blog! For more posts like this and lots of others too! 
Do you have instagram? Are you as obsessed as I am?
Love and cuddles
God bless
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11 comments on "The time of our lives #8"
  1. Such a cute post! I love your blog! If you have some time would you mind checking out mine? x

  2. Your instagram photos are so fun and interesting! Mine tend to be of just dogs and horses haha! Good luck with your exams. I assume it's A-level? Mine seem like a lifetime ago but it was only a few years really! x

  3. lovely post! the cupcake candle is so good

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win topshop, asos or space nk vouchers + a goodie bag, click here!

  4. Lovely pictures, with lots of chocolate! Your definitely on my wavelength. Krispy Kreme's is all I say :) x

  5. Your instagram looks quite varied which I love! Oooh skittles and teasers, lalalove them!



  6. Lovely photos. It looks like you've had a fun few weeks!

    Hannah x

  7. Lovely photos - I wish it was sunny here as I'm desperate for a Calippo now! :) xoxo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  8. Love these photo's! Looks like you've had a fab month.. I wish mine was this exciting hehe xxx

    Gemma | ♥

  9. Can't believe I wasn't following you before! I am now :) xxx

  10. Cute pictures!



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