Hakuna Matata....

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Outfit -
Lion costume/onesie - Ebay
T-shirt (under costume) - Henry Holland for designers at Debinhams
Rings - Pia, Ale hop
Bracelet - Ale hop

Hi there everyone!
As you can see, today's outfit post is a little different than usual!
If you follow me on instagram (holljc) then you'll know that, Saturday evening, I went to a film themed fancy dress party, and in my typical Disney obsessed fashion I went as a Disney character. Simba, to be exact! I really had no clue what to go as, but when I had the idea to go as a lion, I was set on it! I absolutely loved wearing this costume, as, well, it was really comfy. And just such fun to prance around pretending to be a lion for an evening. Although I was rather hot after dancing around in it, as it's made of a very soft if not extremely thick material!
I found this costume/onesie on ebay! It took me a while to decide what to order, because I knew for sure that an adults would not fit me, as they're one size fits all, meaning they fit 6 foot men. So they definitely would not fit teeny weeny me. But once I found the one you can see above, I was in love. I wanted that exact one! The problem? It's a childs! In the end I ordered it in XXL, which is for 11-13 year olds. My theory being that I know some 12/13 year olds who are taller than me, so maybe it'll fit.
Clearly I was right! 
And my small person complex continues, as I am actually the size of your average 11-13 year old! Although it was a little too small, hence why I only had the hood up in one picture, as it didn't stay up! All I can say is growth spurt you better come quickly!
Anyhow, enough of my small person rambles! If you're looking for a costume for a fancy dress party or a child you know is, then check the link above out! Although the lion costume is sold out, but there is still lots and lots of others to look at!
I had such an awesome evening pretending to be a Lion, listening to some of my friends doing amazing renditions of some classic songs on the karaoke and having a good old boogie! 
So I'll leave you with a few pictures from the night! 
Oh and below the pictures, is a video one of my friends made of the evening! See if you can guess what some of my friends went as and have a peek at the craziness I'm surrounded by! (I love it though)

Have you been to a fancy dress party recently? What do you think of my choice of character? What do you think of the video?
Love and cuddles
God bless
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  1. Hey there, great pictures! Hope you've had a lovely week. Would be great if we followed each other so let me know on my blog, Sarah x


  2. You look so cute :) and thank you so much for all your kind words, your comments really do make my day sweetie :) xxx

  3. this is very cute (:
    Lovely photos!!

    UK High Street Fashion

  4. Awesome post! I really really love ur blog :)


    kisses from -- I want to live in L. A --

  5. this is literally the cutest onesie ever, I love it! xx

  6. such a cute ottd haha x


  7. RAWR!! Awww, you're adorable. I still try to squeeze into kids fancy dress costumes. 0:)



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