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Saturday, 20 April 2013

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Hey ladies and gents!
Today we're taking a little break from the holiday pictures/outfits as I thought I'd show you what I wore for a wedding I went to today. It was my dad's friends daughter who got married, I know that seems like a really tenuous link but trust me it's not! If you went to my church you'd understand! It was a lovely wedding, and me and my best friend Lauren sat giving each other approving looks and glances at different points through out it. Although from seeing weddings on tv I'm sure Christian weddings are like way way longer than your average weddings; or maybe that's just the ones at my church. There just seems to be way more stuff in them. I don't know, anyway.
This was my outfit/dress for the occasion, because if you can't dress up for a wedding then when can you? I got this dress before Christmas as one of my two options for the 'Group' Christmas party, post here. That post has the dress I actually wore for the party. But when I went shopping I couldn't make my mind up between the two, so in the end got both. And decided to keep this one as I thought I'd be able to wear it another time. 
And four months later it finally got to come out of hiding the back of my wardrobe. And I actually really like it! I think it's such a flattering shape and was so comfortable to wear. I also really like the pattern and dark emerald green colour, as it's not a colour I'd usually wear.
What do you think of my dress? Would you wear it? Have you been to a wedding recently?
Love and cuddles
God bless
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PS. Oh and I apologise that you can see some of our weelie bins in these pictures. It was a nightmare trying to get pictures today, because of the sun and shape of our yard. They're not good friends!
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  1. i agree this dress looks really flattering and a lovely print on it!

  2. You look wonderful! This dress is so nice! I really like your blog - maybe we could follow each other xx

  3. hi! I liked your blog :)
    ps: i am looking for mutual followers are you in? please let me know in my blog freezing-the-time.blogspot.com

  4. Well green is the colour of the year so good choice! ;) Such a lovely print. I really love weddings, I haven't got any to go to this year :(


  5. Ah, gorgeous outfit. You're so cute :)

  6. ah you look gorgeous, and your hair is absolutely beautiful like that! x

  7. Fab dress, I love the skater skirt style :) x


  8. such a pretty dress! you look really pretty :) love your hair too x

  9. Hey cutie :) that dress is so cool! Love the shade as well!
    And I wanted to say THANK YOU for the lovely comment on my review, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did once you get it!!:) it really humbles me somehow to know that people actually read my reviews and that you even want to read the book for yourself now so thanks!!! God bless you xx

    Oh and lucky you, I really want to go to a wedding again and yeah - Christian ones really are longer haha

  10. Really cute dress :) Love your hair too!

    Hannah from http://b-l-a-b.blogspot.co.uk/


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