Eyes like wild flowers...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Outfit - 
T-shirt - Henry Holland for designers at Debinhams
Jeans - P&P - Tesco
Jacket - Newlook
Boots - Zara
Bag - Camden Market
Bracelet - Ale-Hop
Rings - Pia, Camden Market, Ale-Hop
Necklace - Camden Market

Hi everyone! 
Hopefully you had nice weekends! 
This was my outfit yesterday. I wore it to pop into town with my mum, but also wore it later on in the day when me and one of my awesome friends went out for a meal and a good ol' catch up. 
It's a really simple yet rather sophisticated outfit, and was great for going from day to evening! 
My mum picked these jeans up for me a week or so ago, from the tesco clothing section, of all places! They were also on sale too, making them less than £10, which makes them a super awesome bargain in my opinion! The pattern of them is just gorgeous, and as I love florals they were even more welcome in my wardrobe! This tee is one that I've had for absolutely donks, and I really can't believe that it hasn't been on here yet. It's just great, as it's so versatile and perf for all seasons too!
That little bird bracelet is something I picked up whilst on holiday. I wasn't really going to get anything for any of my friends whilst away (except chocolate for my life group, picture here) and then I saw these in Ale-hop and immediately thought, Larly and Moo will love these! (Don't ask, me and my friends have some rather amusing nicknames for each other!) So I picked three up, as I loved it too! It came in multiple colours, I got red, blue and purple ones; and then got left with the purple one. (yay) You might be able to tell from the layout over here, that I rather like purple! I really do absolutely love this bracelet, and the fact it's so so easy to get on and off; makes it even more awesome! As I don't have to have a huge faff before I have a shower or bath or anything, attempting to get it off. 
These boots are also another item that I've had for ages! I just haven't worn them for what feels like forever, so yesterday I decided to crack them out again! And I'm rather glad I did really! 
What do you think of my outfit? Would you wear something like this to go out for a meal or drinks in the evening? Do you like my bracelet?
Love and cuddles
God bless      
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13 comments on "Eyes like wild flowers..."
  1. Lovely outfit! Your hair looks gorgeous too x


  2. gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
    check out our new blog – behind the scenes at our fashion agency!

    lots of love from La-La Land

  3. I love your jeans and I have my eye on that jacket too - great minds! ;)


  4. The jacket is well nice! And the top is so springish :) xx

  5. Love your rings and the little birdie bracelet!

    Have given you a follow :) - Olivia - www.living-with-olivia.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. You're so adorable! :)
    love the jeans & rings

  7. you look so sweet - loving the print on the trousers

  8. gorgeous outfit!

  9. This outfit is so well put together. My favourite part is the jeans. I adore the print of them

  10. this is such a cool outfit, that jacket is such a great piece, so versatile! love it!
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  11. You are so so adorable :) Love the print on your trousers- such a great piece for Spring, isn't it? :) Pretty accessories too.

    Ruth x


  12. I love this post and your blog is amazing, following you now.

    How about a follow back on GFC if you wouldn't mind?


    X jessie


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