The time of our lives #4

Thursday, 28 February 2013
Hi my lovelies! 
Hope you've had a good day! February seems to have gone so so quickly, I can't believe it's actually March tomorrow! 
I'm back today with the second half of my February instagram updates, or 'time of our lives' post. So sit back, and here's what I got up to in the second half of this month! 
I cut up a bunch of old bracelets so i can make new ones/ootd and me ready to go out/love love love this stuff/this is amazing! And the chocolate mouse ones are way better than the vanilla ones/spending my afternoon making origami cranes/midnight blue nails
Me and my mummy on the train to Manchester/lunch in the Hard Rock cafe/ordering pizza from dominoes/our dominoes feast/me and one of my best friends maddie, being our 'normal' crazy self's/and again 
Purple mike and ikes/my crafty creatives box, made a great day even better/my oh so beautiful Disney Parks mug/me/this months Nylon arrived/Dvd's to take for a movie night
Ruby red nails/attempting to put the dvd's back in the right places/Oreo brownie!/I'm going to see Rend Collective in May! So so exited!/Love this!/ootd, and me in black and white ready to go out!
So there you have it, the second half of Feb's instagram posts, and a little peak into my half term too.  If you want to follow me for more posts like these; click the button to the left, click here or my user is 'holljc'!  
Love and cuddles
God bless
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6 comments on "The time of our lives #4"
  1. I love you blog, I would love it if you could visit my blog x

  2. So many adorable shots!Now I want to order from Dominos, and that cadbury egg n spoon treat looks amazing! (can you tell im hungry?!)
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  3. Thank you for the such lovely comment on my LFW post :)
    Could kill to eat that oreo brownie right now!


  4. How is it March already!? Awww you look so cute with your mum, I love Hard Rock Cafe!

    The Style Rawr!

  5. aww i want to have a movie night with you too :D loving this update, wish i hadn't delted my instagram sometimes!
    also i really wanted to thank you for always commenting so faithfully, really means a lot to me!!!!
    so, here's what i wrote on my goodreads profile about the truth about forever:
    :) aww i loved the characters, they were so real!


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