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Friday, 18 January 2013

Hey lovely people! 
Hope you're doing well and this inclement weather hasn't scuppered your plans (or stressed you out) too much! The lady on our local radio station was calling it the 'snowmageddon'. We really haven't had this much snow where i live, for, as long as i can remember really. If you want to see some pictures, go check out my instagram!
Anyhow, back to the point of today's post! Over the last 3/4/5 months or so I'd been hearing a lot about a brand called Crafty Creatives. What is that I hear you call? Well it's a company that make/supply 'craft boxes'. It's pretty much the same concept as beauty boxes, or boxes like Graze, but instead of food or beauty products, it has craft items inside. When I first heard about this, i literally thought it was the best idea ever! Then i saw a blog post about it, featuring one of there first boxes, and it made me even more exited! Each month, the box is a different theme, and the first few were the most amazing themes ever! Floral, nautical and oriental! At this point my mum was asking about things I wanted for Christmas, so i speedily told her about Crafty Creatives, (website here) and left it at that! As part of my Christmas presents my parents have ordered me the Crafty creatives boxes! My mum and dad really are the greatest! And on Christmas day I got to open boxes 5&6! 
Then this week, the first box of 2012, Box 7, came! Eeep! So i decided that I'm going to make it a monthly feature, to show you guys the box each month! My 'Something Special' post! 
For me Crafty Creatives is such a brilliant idea! As it costs pretty much the same price as your average beauty box, at around £10 a month. But for creative/crafty/arty people, it brings you something slightly different, but equally as exiting. As you never know what that months theme is until you open your box up. Unless like me you get it a day late because it won't fit through your letter box, and you've already read some blog posts on it! But never mind! 
Anyhow this months box! The theme is 'Woodland', and it's probably one of my favourite boxes of the bunch, so far! It has some of the most amazing things in it! Below are pictures of the box and some of my favourite items from it. Oh, sorry that some of the pictures are a bit iffy, my camera was having a bit of a fit. I blame the weather, hehe.
The box comes in bright pink packaging! You know exactly when it's arrived then!  
The box itself! 
The box opened! Plus the really beautiful craft card! Designed this month by,Lucy Farfort. On the back of which is everything in this months box;
-The Crafty Creatives Kit - Every box has one, and this month it's a needle felting kit! It gives you the opportunity to try something new! 
-Toadstool beads
-Wooden leaf Buttons
- Skeleton leaves
-5 leaf pendants
-Owly fabric - This is so so cute
-Flower soft - Don't really know what this is, but the card says you use it like glitter? We'll have to see i guess!
-Fox beads
-Owl Pendant - Love this one of my favourite things in the box!
-3 birch hearts
- A Pine cone 
The fox beads
The toadstool beads! I especially love the pink topped one! (these were the pictures i meant, when i said some were a bit iffy)

The amazing owl pendant! 
The wooden leaf buttons! There are so so many! 
5 leaf pendants! Can't wait to make a bracelet with these! 
The absolutely adorable owly fabric! It's just so so cute! 
So there you go! The first Crafty Creatives box of 2012, and my first 'Something Special' post! 
What do you guys think? Had you heard of Crafty creatives? Do you get their boxes? What do you think of the idea? Do you like what's in this months box? What's your favourite item?
Love and cuddles
God bless

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  1. oh those little mushrooms are so so soo cute!

    hope you'll visit back

  2. Cute

  3. This is so cute, wish I was good at DIY!


  4. You have lovely blog, i really like it :)

  5. Owlsssssss I'm having a blog sale towin a beauty box, and I would LOVE you to enter!!

  6. Awwww that's really nice idea for a Christmas present. Glad you like the boxes. I have made earrings with the leaves and had a go at the felting, kinda like the idea of stabbing a sharp needle into foam, not too sure what that says about me though. Happy crafting :-) x


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