It's a love story baby just say yes...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013
Hey everyone!
It's that time again, and we're onto another style crush post! I thought long and hard about who my first style crush of 2013 would be, but in the end, there wasn't much competition!

Drum Roll Please..

Miss Taylor Swift!

Tay Swift is my first 2013 style crush. To be honest she's my biggest girl crush ever, so of course she was gonna be here at some point! Come on, she's pretty much freaking perfect! Like beautiful isn't even the word! But anyway, onto the 'style'! As I don't want to spend the whole post ranting about how much I literally want to be her. Cause deep down inside, I think i actually do.(except for the Harry Styles dating part, but never mind that) She wears the most amazing clothes, and always looks incredible! Whether she's wearing jeans and a jumper, a cute floral or patterned dress or a glitzy ball gown. Or maybe non of or a combination of the above, she always looks so lovely. 
I guess her style is what the Americans would call 'preppy' I don't know what I'd call it, but i know one thing, I love it! It's just the most amazing combination of perfect! But then I guess that's little old Holl JC's opinion! 
Everything she wears, she wears completely effortlessly, and she has the same elegance wearing jeans and a jumper as she does a long floaty dress. And really I just want her entire wardrobe!
As I said before, for little ol' me Tay Swift is like totally perfect! She's beautiful and has the most amazing style, and she writes some of the most incredible songs/lyrics around. Whatever you say about her style of music, the lyrics are perf! There's a song for every situation, every moment, every feeling! Whether you're angry, sad, happy, exited, confused, dazed, dreaming, loving or hating, there's a lyric for YOU! Which just makes me girl crush even more! 
But anyway, take a look at some of my favourite Swifty outfits!


Which is your favourite of these outfits? Is Tay Swift a style Crush of yours? A girl Crush? Who else would you like to see featuring here? Who are your girl crushes? 
Love and Cuddles
God bless
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P.S. None of the images are mine, they're all from tumblr or Google images!
4 comments on "It's a love story baby just say yes..."
  1. her style is amazing isnt it? i'd never had expected it from taylor swift though!

    following your blog, would love it if you checked mine and folowed back

  2. Taylor Swift has really grown on me over the years - she seems like such a genuine and nice person and her style is so effortlessly chic!

    Lady à la Mode

  3. Basically, having seen this post I just want to be Taylor Swift, she looks so flawless in casual and formal wear.

    // xx

  4. I love her style, it's so vintage and efortless :D

    I'm following you, hope you do the same.
    xoxo Elena.


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